2013 Why Buy the Cow?

2013 Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge

Yup, you read that right: I’m helping out Kelly in hosting the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge for 2013. To learn more about this challenge or to view the rules, visit the information page on Kelly’s blog. To sign up, visit the sign up post. Easy peasy!

This year I’m going to live dangerously and shoot for the Extreme Couponer level of 100+ books. Think I can do it? We shall SEE.

I will post all my progress on this page. Unless otherwise noted, all reviews appear on Free Books Need Love, Too.

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1. Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare by Lexi Maxxwell
2. The Sweetest Torture by Amanda Bonilla
3. Dancing with the Duke by Suzanna Medeiros
4. Clan Rathskellter by Kevin Hearne
5. A Test of Mettle by Kevin Hearne
6. The Witch of Duva by Leigh Bardugo
7. Captured by Her Horny Beast by Kate Hampton
8. The Dragon’s Sex Slave by Lolita Davis
9. Jungle Fever Part 1 by Hazel Hunter
10. Fucking on Campus by Lexi Maxxwell
11. Salon Slut Swallows by Lexi Maxxwell
12. A Tentacle for Every Hole by C.J. Smalls


13. Demon’s Offer by Tamara Clay
14. The Naughty List by Jodi Redford
15. Two Cowboys and One Girl by Danica Williams
16. Valentine’s Day Virgin by Maria Taylor
17. Wesley and the Sex Zombies by Portia Da Costa
18. Taken by the Tentacles by CJ Smalls
19. Star Kissed by Cat Scofield
20. Blind Date Teddy Bear by Mimi Strong


21. Midnight Eyes by Cat Scofield
22. Thrown to the Wolves by Tina Grace
23. Phallus of the Stone God by Celia Demure
24. Milked by Bigfoot by Jess Green


25. Taken by the Satyrs by Diana Katsaros
26. Career Day by Barry Lyga
27. The Horny Minotaur by Nikita King
28. Fucked in the Woods by Natalie Deschain
29. In the Dorm by Della July and Simon Bauelaire
30. Beyond Denial by Kit Rocha
31. Death Comes in Her by Faith Frost


32. Among the Nameless Stars by Diana Peterfreund
33. Bigfoot Fucks Sisters by Jess Green
34. Foundlings by Diana Peterfreund
35. Fuckin’ Werewolf by Barbie Lez
36. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Eva Slipwood
37. NightDrake by Lara Adrian 


38. Goat Suckin’: Hotter Than It Sounds by Dixon Heurass
39. Riding with the Cop by J.S. Scott
40. Cum for Bigfoot by Virigina Wade
41. The Too Clever Fox by Leigh Bardugo
42. Playing with Fire — The Dragon’s Trophy by Madelene Martin
43. The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo
44. When Tentacles Took My Virginity by CJ Smalls
45. Do Not Touch by Prudence Shen


46. Terrain by Genevieve Valentine
47. 4th of July Sausage Swallower by Lexi Maxxwell
48. Taken by the Troll by Autumn Crowl
49. Backscatter by Gregory Benford
50. Governor Sara Polan is Mated by the Moose Monster by Amanda Clover
51. The Stranger by Anna Banks
52. The Monster in My Pants by John Lee
53. Frankenslime by Rock Bronson
54. Trip to Jamaica by Holly McDonnell
55. Taking Dictation by Stephanie Hartley
56. Lexie’s Fist Time by Mimi Strong
57. Werewolf Menage Erotica by Michelle Fox
58. Camping with the Boys


59. The Demon Gangbang by Angela Fioni
60. Taken by the Gargoyles by Shayla Leblac
61. Her Minotaur Lovers by Yoli Kim
62. My Friend Squidley by Lisa Roberts
63. The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan


64. Time Traveling Nympho by Jean-Luc Cheri
65. Legacy Lost by Anna Banks
66. Carnal Kisses: Mesmerized by the Merman’s Touch by Lucinda Lovington
67. Porn & Revolution in the Peaceable Kingdom by Micaela Morrissette
68. Pop My Cherry 2: Fucking in the Hayloft by Lexi Maxxwell
69. Wicked in Your Arms by Sophie Jordan
70. Abducted by Eliza Daniels


71. Taken, Bound, and Bent Over by the Demon by Autumn Crowl
72. All the Snake Handlers I Know Are Dead by Dennis Danvers
73. Bride of the Storm God by Natalie Deschain
74. Dragonkin by Lavie Tidhar
75. Breeding the Two Abducted Virgin Sex Slaves by Terra Williams
76. Come Back to the Sea by Jason Vanhee