A Look Into the Past: How I Started Reading Historical Romance {Historical Romance 101}

Posted 4 April, 2016 by Amanda / 10 Comments

Historical Romance 101

To trace my love of historical romance, we first must travel to the not-so-distant past. The 90s. The 1990s, anyway.

When I was an actual young adult looking for YA books, there were few to find. The library at the time had one tiny shelf, half of it fantasy or science fiction (neither of which interested me at the time). But it did have plenty of historical fiction, with writers like Ann Rinaldi.

I devoured as much of those historical novels as I possible could, and developed a love of historical books. I graduated to authors like Philippa Gregory.

Romance hadn’t featured heavily into that yet, probably because I hadn’t quite discovered romance novels. When I did, it was romantic suspense. But there are plenty of romantic suspense authors who have crossed over to historical romance (Julie Garwood, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Linda Howard, to name my favorites at the time), and it wasn’t surprising how well I took to the genre, although I never gravitated far from my favorites.

Of course, it didn’t reach Great Historical Romance Bender status until 2013, long after I left my teens (long, long after) and my brief dip into historical romance thanks to my favorite romantic suspense authors.

As for the Great Historical Romance Bender? All it took was one Sarah MacLean novel, and I was hooked. The rest is well documented.

How did YOU get into historical romance? Share below!

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10 Responses to “A Look Into the Past: How I Started Reading Historical Romance {Historical Romance 101}”

  1. KG

    My first historical romance (excluding the classics) was one of Julia Quinn’s novels and after that I was hooked! Every now and then I crave a good dose of them :)

  2. Sarah Maclean is just awesome. When I read her first book I was hooked. I loved how engaging her writing is. Romantic Suspense is a great way to get into romance though. But I have a special place for historical romance!! It just rocks. And there is so many sub genres in HR—that you can have so much fun with it.

    • Sarah MacLean ROCKS. I can’t wait for more of her latest series. MOAR SARAH. Have you read her one teen historical romance? I think it’s called The Season.

  3. I know, when I was a teen the actual YA section was very small. It’s amazing how that’s changed. That’s why I read mysteries. There wasn’t a lot to choose from in the YA section, so I followed my mother’s example and read mysteries.

    I didn’t read a ton of historical novels, though, before historical fiction. I read some, but not a lot. I’ve never read Phillipa Gregory. So excited for this month!
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…A Look Into the Past: How I Started Reading Historical RomanceMy Profile

  4. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

    I love that you and I both got into Philippa Gregory! I agree that the YA section of my library was really small. That is why I drifted to historical fiction. Sarah MacLean is an author I’ve heard is a good intro to the genre. She is so funny and her heroines are really easy to relate to.

    • I think historical fiction is a natural jumping point when you want something historical, and the YA section just doesn’t work. (Although, random side note, Sarah MacLean does have a YA historical romance. It was awesome enough I wanted more.)

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