Breakaway by Kelly Jamieson {Kelly’s Review}

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Breakaway by Kelly Jamieson {Kelly’s Review}Breakaway by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Heller Brothers #1
Also in this series: Faceoff
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love...

Schoolteacher Remi just saw the last of the younger siblings she raised leave the nest. She’s had enough responsibility. Pro hockey player Jase just broke up with his girlfriend because she got too serious. He’s not ready for responsibility. They’re both ready for one hot night of fun.

When they next see each other, though, it’s not fun and games. When Jase finds out Remi’s a school teacher, he wants nothing to do with her—teachers are bossy know-it-alls who make him feel like a speck of dirt on the ice. And when Remi finds out Jace is a pro athlete with paparazzi and puck bunnies stalking him, she knows she doesn’t fit in his world. Stuck spending time together in Remi’s class, though, one hot night turns into more...

Jase is a big kid who plays a game for a living. But when his past comes back to haunt him, will he sacrifice love for responsibility, obligation and duty?

Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

Thoughts on Breakaway

I didn’t love this book. I thought it had its moments, but the reasons Remi kept distancing herself from Jase bothered me. As a teacher, you’d think she’d sit down and have a rational discussion when things went bad instead of running off without a word. But no. A few camera flashes from the paparazzi and she’s running for the hills. I do think Jase brushed off her concerns a little too cavalierly initially, but she didn’t try very hard to make him understand. I also didn’t love Jase’s knee-jerk reaction to finding out she was as teacher. I mean, if you’ve already spent a smokin’ night with a lady and you know she’s a tiger in the sheets, why would you let her occupation hold you back? Unless she’s an assassin or something. I mean, I guess that would be an occupation you didn’t want to get involved with.

I also had some mad hatred for Remi’s siblings. After everything she’d done to raise them, they acted like entitled jerks. While there was some resolution on that front, it struck me as being too little too late. The issue with the house was tied up so neatly I don’t feel like anyone learned anything from it. Except maybe Remi. The siblings, though? Nope. They ultimately got what they wanted without sacrificing anything. Which is douchey, frankly.

I did like Remi trying to let go and accidentally picking up Jase in that club. I liked Jase and his family for the most part. The issue that sprung up on him toward the end felt…unfinished. Contrived and unfinished. Since I have the rest of the series on tap, I’m hoping we get to see a little resolution on that front, but I’m kinda not holding my breath.

I’ll give the next book a try and see how I feel about it. This one… I just didn’t love it.

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