How to Get a Signed Copy Without Traveling (While Supporting Local Bookstores) {Amanda’s Discussion}

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It’s been a while. So much so that my graphic is horribly out of date, but let’s pretend it’s not and move on.

Dearest blog readers,

The last couple years have been pretty cool and amazing. I published some books, got an awesome new job helping self-published authors, and really dug into historical romance.

I’m pretty sure you’re already aware of The Great Historical Romance Bender.

The reason I bring all these facts up is that the combination of them has encouraged me to get more involved in my favorite authors’ worlds—following them on social media and subscribing to their newsletters. (Newsletters are still one of the BEST ways to stay up-to-date on new releases, by the way.)

Here’s what you should know about signed copies of new releases.

Authors often sign copies of their new releases at their local bookstores, which in turn sell them. Kevin Hearne has done this for quite a while. It wasn’t until Sarah MacLean shared that she’d be signing copies of The Rogue Not Taken for sale through her local indie bookstore that I actually started paid attention. (PS. It looks like you still might be able to get one, if you’re interested.)

Today, I found out that Julia Quinn has signed copies of Because of Miss Bridgerton through her local bookstore.

Normally, I like to get my books signed when an author comes to Minneapolis/St. Paul for a signing. Or is at an event I’m attending too. But you know how often that happens?

Not as often as I’d like it.

Skip Amazon and support local bookstores.

I won’t lie. I love shopping at Amazon. But if I have the choice between shopping Amazon OR getting a signed copy (while supporting a local, often indie, bookstore), I’m going to choose the signed copy.

Even if I have to pay full price and shipping.

Because I want to support my favorite authors, but I also want to support great local bookstores. It doesn’t even have to be my local bookstores, even though the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has some great ones (like Red Balloon Bookshop or Magers & Quinn).

Better yet, I can get a signed copy, support a local bookstore, and feel good about myself, all without leaving the comfort of my own home. No traveling! Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

So if your favorite authors have the option to pre-order their newest release? Take it if you can.

Do you buy signed copies of books if you can?

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  1. You know how often romance authors visit Syracuse? NEVER, that’s how often. It’s frustrating. I love living in NY state, but when an author visits, it’s almost always to NYC, or the surrounding area, and that is no where near where I am.

    This is a great way to get signed copies of books. I think I am going to try to get a signed copy of that JQ book because JQ!!!!
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