The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long {Amanda’s Review}

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The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long {Amanda’s Review}The Legend of Lyon Redmond by Julie Anne Long
Series: Pennyroyal Green #11
Also in this series: A Notorious Countess Confesses, What I Did For a Duke, I Kissed an Earl, How the Marquess Was Won, The Perils of Pleasure, Like No Other Lover, It Started with a Scandal, Since the Surrender
Genres: Historical, Romance, Regency, Historical Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased

Bound by centuries of bad blood, England’s two most powerful families maintain a veneer of civility...until the heir to the staggering Redmond fortune disappears, reviving rumors of an ancient curse: a Redmond and an Eversea are destined to fall disastrously in love once per generation.

An enduring legend

Rumor has it she broke Lyon Redmond’s heart. But while many a man has since wooed the dazzling Olivia Eversea, none has ever won her—which is why jaws drop when she suddenly accepts a viscount’s proposal. Now London waits with bated breath for the wedding of a decade…and wagers on the return of an heir.

An eternal love

It was instant and irresistible, forbidden...and unforgettable. And Lyon—now a driven, dangerous, infinitely devastating man—decides it’s time for a reckoning. As the day of her wedding races toward them, Lyon and Olivia will decide whether their love is a curse destined to tear their families part...or the stuff of which legends are made.

Finally, the Lyon and Olivia romance!

Thoughts on The Legend of Lyon Redmond

Once I started the Pennyroyal Green series, it didn’t take me long to become curious about the Lyon-Olivia romance, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that curiosity. It’s a thread that runs throughout nearly every book in the series, especially given the divide between the Redmond and the Eversea families, and how Olivia and Lyon breached the divide.

In some ways, Olivia and Lyon’s story closes that divide, which seems a fitting end to the series, even though the epilogue confused me. (Was it supposed to be a way to sum up what happened with everyone? Was it designed to be a story within itself? Was it the beginning of a NEW story?)

Like most Julie Anne Long books, I wasn’t sure I was going to like this one. But only because it starts off with dual timelines and it’s super difficult to make those work. But bonus, the dual timeline only goes through part of the book. And, of course, trust the Julie Anne Long, because in some ways, the sweetness of the beginning of Lyon and Olivia’s relationship was desperately needed for the present-day timeline.

There was so much hurt and anger and misunderstanding in that present-day timeline. It was painful and raw. Lyon makes some upper-handed moves that probably should have annoyed the crap out of me, but somehow didn’t. Maybe because I understood the pain (even though that’s not a valid excuse). Or maybe it was because, other than kidnapping, he never did anything to Olivia that she didn’t want. Or somehow initiate. And in a weird way, he gave her something she wasn’t able to give herself.

Julie Anne Long has a unique ability to twist me up inside. And I like it. Thus far, I’ve only read her Pennyroyal Green series, but I might need more. Her books are like crack. She knows about the bring the emotion and tension with her characters, and that’s the best.

Parts of the ending almost annoyed me, but I also understood why they had to happen. Characters in relationships in romance novels should have a give and take. It’s not all one character saving the other or one character making all the dramatic gestures. Or it shouldn’t be. Which explains the ending. It was how it needed to be.


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    • Yeah. Based on what I know of your reading preferences, I’m not sure she’s your kind of author, either. Not that that’s a bad thing! At least you have a lot of her books if you want to try them. :)

    • If I could sum up JAL books in one sentence, it’d be this: I shouldn’t have liked this, but did.

      Her books are my crack. Apparently. I also came into this series toward the end and skipped around, which I actually think worked in my favor. I don’t know if I would have put up with some of the early books if I had gone in order.

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