A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal by Kelly Bowen {Amanda’s Review}

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A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal by Kelly Bowen {Amanda’s Review}A Lady's Guide to Skirting Scandal by Kelly Bowen
Series: The Lords of Worth #2.5
Also in this series: I've Got My Duke to Keep Me Warm, A Good Rogue is Hard to Find (The Lords of Worth, #2)
Genres: Historical, Romance, Historical Romance
Pages: 40
Format: Kindle
Source: Purchased

A delightful romp to be read in one sitting—for fans of Sarah MacLean, Julia Quinn, and Tessa Dare.

Lady Viola Hextall is bored—of the ocean, her chaperones, and the woeful lack of available dukes on the ocean voyage from London to New York. Scrambling for any diversion short of jumping overboard, Viola strikes up a conversation with the ship's rough-hewn, blue-eyed surgeon—and discovers an immediate cure for what ails her...

To Nathaniel Shaw, Viola has the bearing of a lady and the spirit of an adventurer—an unlikely combination that he finds utterly irresistible. So he's hoping to convince Viola to leave the stifling ballrooms of London high society behind because there is a big, wide world just waiting for them to explore—together.

Should have trusted Kelly Bowen’s storytelling!

Thoughts on A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal

After reading A Good Rogue Is Hard to Find, I wasn’t completely sure about Viola and whether I’d like her. For REASONS. And although she certainly retained those REASONS in the beginning of the book, her character blossomed and grew.

I should have trusted Kelly Bowen.

Novellas and short stories don’t turn me away the way they do others; done well, they can satisfy with the same amount of tension and conflict and emotion that full-length books do. Kelly Bowen makes use of the short time we spend with Nate and Viola to give us a good sense of who they are and how well they work together.

And, you know, Kelly Bowen writes some steamy love scenes. They’re hot. They’re explicit. And that’s always a positive for me.

A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal is a full story in a compact format. Yes, it’s a fast read. Yes, there are places we could have more. But why? Viola and Nate’s story was perfect the way it was. Well-written with believable character growth (man, that Viola). I really need to get my hands on the next book in this series.


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    • YES!!!!

      Also, Kelly Bowen has another book coming out in January. So. Lots of Kelly Bowen to read. (Also. Sarah MacLean has a new book coming out tomorrow!! Can’t wait for that one!)

  1. Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

    I loved this story! Like you, I wasn’t sure about Viola after reading the previous book, but she was an amazing heroine. I also loved that the hero was a doctor who wasn’t ashamed of his career and upbringing. I’m glad you enjoyed this and I look forward to what you think about book 3 in the series which is my particular favorite.

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