Jet by Jay Crownover {Beth’s Review}

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Jet by Jay Crownover {Beth’s Review}Jet (Marked Men, #2) by Jay Crownover
Series: Marked Men #2
Genres: Erotica, Love & Romance, New Adult
Pages: 400
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl’s rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. She’s afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.
Jet can’t resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he’s tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.
Will the blaze burn into an enduring love. . . or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?

Tad disappointing but still pretty good.

Thoughts on Jet:

Something just didn’t sit right with this book. It took a while to get through and at times, I just wanted to set it down. I think possibly it’s because I just wanted to get to the third book because a coworker is obsessed with the third book so I just needed to get to that one.

I liked Jet when he was in Rule, but as a main character, there were things that I just didn’t like. His voice wasn’t as good as Rule’s. As a main character but not the main attraction, he was a much better character. I still haven’t figured out why.

Ayden was also a great character in the first book but again, she just seemed flat in this book. Maybe I just loved Shaw so much that it was hard to be away from her POV but Ayden’s POV just bored me at times.

Their sexual attraction was also a lot different than Rule’s and Shaw’s and again, it seemed flat compared to the first book. I think it’s very difficult to successfully write a book series where everyone in the series pairs up with someone else and I think this book shows why it’s difficult.

I loved the aspect of the big group. Rule, Shaw, Ayden, Jet, Cora, Rowdy, Nash, Rome, and now Asa are a good group. It’s very fun learning about everyone and getting to know characters that you know are going to be in other books.

I just really think this was a “sophomore slump” in the series. I’m still continuing it. I liked this one enough to give it four stars. I didn’t like it enough to re-read it, but I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

Jay Crownover is a great writer and I really do enjoy her books and characters so this was just a tad disappointing, but again, isn’t going to deter me.


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