Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle {Amanda’s Review}

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Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle {Amanda’s Review}Tempted All Night by Liz Carlyle
Series: Neville Family #4
Genres: Romance, Historical
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
Source: Purchased

Lady Phaedra Northampton is a proper English miss -- but burdened by a dark secret. She's buried her shame in running her wealthy brother Lord Nash's household while hiding behind a sharp wit and dull wardrobe...until a reckless village maid's disappearance pulls her into London's seedy underworld.

A former mercenary and jaded spy-for-hire, Tristan Talbot, Lord Avoncliffe, now does little, and manages to do it scandalously. Though Tristan's an out-and-out rogue, when his dying father begs him to delve into the secrets behind a notorious brothel -- a perfect task for his talents! -- Tristan can't refuse. Is the brothel a front for a notorious Russian spy ring? Tristan is on the hunt -- until his path collides with the oh-so-tempting Lady Phae.

Soon what should be a simple assignment becomes deliciously complicated...when deception and desire lead to an explosive passion -- and deadly foes!

Ummm isn’t an amorous moment sound.

Thoughts on Tempted All Night

Hmph. Or should I say “Ummmm,” which is what the characters moan in particularly amorous moments?

You know how sometimes little tiny, seemingly inconsequential, things can be extremely irritating? That’s what “Ummmm…” did for me. And being that this is the second Liz Carlyle book I’ve read recently, and both have had it, well…

Something like that — um is a speech filler, not a moaning noise — could be overlooked if it were the only minor complaint. But Tempted All Night, like the last Liz Carlyle book I read, also had characters who held their secrets until hundreds of pages into the book. I complain about this because we know there are secrets from nearly the beginning, and yet they’re held and teased for nothing more (at least that I could tell) than ratcheting up the tension. If there’s a secret, fine, but having it referred to multiple times, then glossed over until the “right moment” for the reveal is… annoying. Considering that happened in the other book I read, well, two doesn’t quite make it a pattern, but close.

Then there was Tristan, who I didn’t much like at the beginning. He’s a scoundrel — a man who’s spent a good portion of his years earning a reputation as a highly sought after ladies’ man, and who’s caught out pleasuring a woman — not the heroine — early on in the book. Nope. I will allow that a character like that offers the opportunity for a lot of character growth, but I’ve exhausted my tolerance for them, at least at Tristan’s level.

As for Phae, I liked her until she started being obstinate about Tristan. Not just ABOUT him, but sticking to her beliefs about what he wants even as he tells her the opposite. All it did was serve to draw out the book longer. And although Tristan managed to prove himself eventually, I spent the last few pages of the book wanting to smack Phae…



Now that I’ve said all that, there’s something addicting about Liz Carlyle’s books. It’s difficult to stop reading them, even when they’re pushing my buttons and making me ranty. So I’ll probably read another one, just to see if the pattern holds true.


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    • RIGHT? And “ummm” gets so distracting, too! But yeah. Also. Secrets. Not a fan. Will be a while before I pick up a Liz Carlyle book again, although I think I’ll try some of her earlier works.

  1. They say “ummmm” during sex? That would be quite possibly the least encouraging thing you could say at that point ;-) Phae sounds frustrating as well, but I completely understand the addicting part of these books. Kristen Ashley is that type of author for me. Her books are crazy over the top in terms of the romances, but dammit, they’re like crack ;-)
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