The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen {Beth’s Review}

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The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen {Beth’s Review}The Moon and More by Dessen Sarah
Genres: Love & Romance, Young Adult
Pages: 416
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library

Emaline is spending her last summer before college in her home beach town of Colby. Everything is familiar - from working for her bossy sister Margo at the family rental company to Emaline's gorgeous (and regularly shirtless) childhood sweetheart, Luke. But when an out-of-town brash New York filmmaker, and her young assistant Theo, come to stay at one of the beach houses, everything Emaline thought she knew about herself changes. But can her heart let go of a life she's loved for so long? P

I did not expect this feeling.

Thoughts on The Moon and More


It’s not often that I find a book that I really, really want to read. But every time I go to read it, I just set it down. I wanted so badly to read this, but just couldn’t get into it. I really wanted to love it, and I did really enjoy it, but it just didn’t hit the right spots for me.

I loved the main character. She wanted to get away from her small town but also was scared to get away. I saw a lot of myself in her. Unfortunately, I saw some of my mistakes in her as well. I think that’s part of the reason that I had trouble feeling bad for her. I didn’t feel bad because I was annoyed because I had done the same things.

The plot was fun. I liked the beach town setting and the small town feel. I liked that the small town felt like a small town and not like an author that had never been to a small town had tried to write it.

I think where it all went wrong for me was the love interest. I didn’t like him and I felt like their relationship wasn’t going anywhere. It wasn’t insta-love, it was kind of the opposite. They didn’t evolve. The relationship was stagnant from the beginning.

Summer romances, to me, are supposed to be fast paced. You’re supposed to count down the days until summer break is over, but you’re supposed to have fun with it. And the most important rule: don’t talk about forever. Even though the relationship was in stand still, the talks of forever made no sense to me.

Maybe it’s hard to please me when it comes to small town, summer romances because I perfected them. The romance in this book just annoyed me and soured me a little.

Everything else, though, made this book awesome. Her relationship with her father and brother kept the book interesting to me.

Setting: A
Main Character: B+
Love interest: D
Minor characters: B
Plot: B-

Did I love it? No. Did I hate it? No. Would I recommend it to someone? Sure.


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4 Responses to “The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen {Beth’s Review}”

  1. I just finished Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen and really really enjoyed it. I’m anxious to get through her back list. I think maybe I’ll wait on this one and work my through some of the older ones.

    It stinks when the romance kills an otherwise enjoyable book! It plays a pretty big part. Have you read any other Dessen books? Maybe this one was just a dud. :(
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    • Beth

      I usually love Dessen’s books which is why this was upsetting to me! I am very excited to read Saint Anything though. I do think this was just a dud because I’ve liked every other book. I’m not giving up on her :D

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