My Favorite Moments in Historical Romance

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Historical Romance 101

This was more difficult than I anticipated. There aren’t a lot of them. They’re all Julia Quinn. I’m not sorry for it.

Honestly, some of the best parts of historical romance involve the characters getting their HEA… and that’s too spoilery for me. So you get these instead!

1. Bridgerton antics from the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn

The family bickering from the Bridgertons is one of my favorite aspects of JQ books. Any time they get together, it gets crazy… and makes for some of my favorite moments in historical romance. For example (from It’s in His Kiss)

“Well,” he said with an affected sigh, “you have my approval, at least.”
“Why?” Hyacinth asked suspiciously.
“It would be an excellent match,” he continued. “If nothing else, think of the children.”
She knew she’d regret it, but still she had to ask. “What children?”
He grinned. “The lovely lithping children you could have together. Garethhhh and Hyathinthhhh. Hyathinth and Gareth. And the thublime Thinclair tots.”
Hyacinth stared at him like he was an idiot.
Which he was, she was quite certain of it.
She shook her head. “How on earth Mother managed to give birth to seven perfectly normal children and one freak is beyond me.”
“Thith way to the nurthery.” Gregory laughed as she headed back into the room. “With the thcrumptious little Tharah and Thamuel Thinclair. Oh, yeth, and don’t forget wee little Thuthannah!”

2. Any play from the Pleinsworth sisters from the Smythe-Smith series by Julia Quinn

Literal LOLs for this one. Like Bridgerton family, the Pleinsworth sisters (specifically Frances and the unicorn) are a joy to read about. Frances isn’t afraid to be herself, even if her self is a unicorn. For example (from A Night Like This)

Then Elizabeth came, bearing a tray of cakes and sweets, and finally Harriet, who carried with her a small sheaf of paper—her current opus, Henry VIII and the Unicorn of Doom.
“I’m not certain Frances is going to be appeased by an evil unicorn,” Anne told her.
Harriet looked up with one arched brow. “She did not specify that it must be a good unicorn.”
Anne grimaced. “You’re going to have a battle on your hands, that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.”
Harriet shrugged, then said, “I’m going to begin in act two. Act one is a complete disaster. I’ve had to rip it completely apart.”
“Because of the unicorn?”
“No,” Harriet said with a grimace. “I got the order of the wives wrong. It’s divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, widowed.”
“How cheerful.”
Harriet gave her a bit of a look, then said, “I switched one of the divorces with a beheading.”
“May I give you a bit of advice?” Anne asked.
Harriet looked up.
“Don’t ever let anyone hear you say that out of context.”

3. Colin’s discovery of Lady Whistledown’s identity in Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Because RMB is the fourth book in the series, there’s a lot of build up with Lady Whistledown throughout the beginning of the series. AND IT IS AWESOME. That is all.

4. The Smythe-Smith musicales from multiple series by Julia Quinn

…just as long as I don’t have to listen to the music played. In fact, I love how JQ plays with the musicals throughout her series. She sends her characters into the torture — in some cases, she has her characters creating the torture. Lady Danbury is always there (also why I like it). This, from Just Like Heaven:

“It’s a curse, really,” Lady Danbury said. “I’m the only person I know my age who has perfect hearing.”
“Most would call that a blessing.”
She snorted. “Not with that musicale looming over the horizon.”

Don’t forget to stop by Quinn’s Book Nook, Feminist Fairy Tales, and Addicted to Romance today to learn what their favorite historical romance moments are.

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  1. The dreaded Smythe-Smith Musicale. Oh I juts love that, and the fact that JQ decide to give them their own stories.

    And all your moments being JQ is just freaking awesome! I love when Colin Discovers who Lady Whistledown is too. And the scene after when he goes into Penelope’s house to talk to her family and her mother thinks he’s there for Felicity.
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