The Miss Mirren Mission by Jenny Holiday {Amanda’s Review}

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I received this book for free from Publisher/NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Miss Mirren Mission by Jenny Holiday {Amanda’s Review}The Miss Mirren Mission by Jenny Holiday
Series: Regency Reformers #1
Also in this series: The Likelihood of Lucy
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher/NetGalley

Loving her would be his downfall…

To society, the Earl of Blackstone cuts a mysterious figure. He is eligible, withdrawn, and endlessly fascinating. Yet as an integral part of London’s underground spy ring intent on defeating Napoleon, Blackstone has no mistress but the cause.

Miss Emily Mirren is considered “unbiddable” by the ton. She wields a fierce intellect, which she channels into her own secret cause—writing an abolitionist newspaper column under a male pseudonym.

When Emily’s aims clash with Blackstone’s, they stray into a dangerous game of attraction and subterfuge, and secrets are the going currency. And in order to complete the most important mission of his career, Blackstone must thwart Emily, even if it breaks both their hearts.

Curious to read more from Holiday.

My Thoughts on The Miss Mirren Mission

This was pitched to me as “perfect for Julia Quinn fans” and if you know me at all, you know how inevitable it was for me to pick up The Miss Mirren Mission. Completely inevitable.

That said, I’m not completely sure why this is marketed for Julia Quinn fans, other than both are historical romances. If there’s any JQ comparison I can make, The Miss Mirren Mission had some similarities to JQ’s earlier books (specifically the Agents of the Crown ones, since this had to do with spies and such).

Some of the writing style reminded me of earlier JQ books too, with things happening easily (Miss Mirren seemed to understand what Blackstone was up to without him explaining, and I never quite believed it was because she was that smart) and parts of the narrative where what had just happened were summed up from the other character’s POV.

Still, The Miss Mirren Mission was an enjoyable book, even if I did see the ending coming before it was revealed. (But then again, I can just pretend that’s my amazing logical deducing skillz hard at work.) The characters weren’t quite as remarkable as they could have been — Emily (Miss Mirren) was an abolitionist (planning to speak to a crowd, too! which never happened for reasons) and a bluestocking. Blackstone didn’t have his right arm from a war injury and a tragic past… but I never fully connected with the characters as well as I wanted to.

Considering this was the first historical romance by Jenny Holiday, though, I’d be willing to pick up another by her. It’s always fun to watch authors grow.


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    • Yeah. I’m not completely sure why it’s perfect for JQ fans (especially after rereading Romancing Mister Bridgerton) and it was never explained beyond that. Anything at 3.5 stars is good, but not necessarily something I would shove into people’s hands, unless they liked something I wasn’t overly fond of in the book.

    • I knew I shouldn’t have been sucked in (books deserve to be evaluated in their own right, I think), but I’m such a JQ fan that I couldn’t resist.

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