I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long {Amanda’s Review}

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I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long {Amanda’s Review}I Kissed an Earl by Julie Anne Long
Series: Pennyroyal Green, #4
Also in this series: A Notorious Countess Confesses, What I Did For a Duke, How the Marquess Was Won, The Perils of Pleasure, Like No Other Lover, It Started with a Scandal, Since the Surrender, The Legend of Lyon Redmond
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Violet Redmond's family and fortune might be formidable and her beauty and wit matchless—but her infamous flare for mischief keeps all but the most lionhearted suitors at bay. Only Violet knows what will assuage her restlessness: a man who doesn't bore her to tears, and a clue to the fate of her missing brother. She never dreamed she'd find both with a man whose own pedigree is far from impeccable.

"Savage" is what the women of the ton whisper about the newly styled Earl of Ardmay—albeit with shivers of pleasure. Born an English bastard, raised on the high seas, he's on a mission to capture a notorious pirate for vengeance. But while Violet's belief in her brother's innocence maddens him, her courage awes him . . . and her sensuality finally undoes him. Now the man who once lost everything and the girl who has everything to lose are bound by a passion that could either end in betrayal . . . or become everything they ever dreamed.

Violet kisses an earl, likes it.

Thoughts on I Kissed an Earl

Every time I see or think of I Kissed an Earl, it’s to the tune of Kate Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. And I shan’t feel bad for making the comparison.

Because Violet kisses an earl. And she likes it.

There wasn’t any cherry chapstick, though.

But a cherry did get popped…

I get ahead of myself.

Anyway. In true fashion, I’ve been reading this series out of order and, well, I’ve seen Violet and the earl post-HEA, but it didn’t lessen the angst (a good sort of angst, mind you) of the story. In fact, it gave me a weird sort of book hangover that I haven’t felt for a while. (But I was also hungry at the time, and maybe the lack of food contributed to it. Who knows.)

Man. Violet and Asher were well matched, yet delightful together. Violet needed someone who could challenge her and keep her in line. (Trouble, that one.) And Asher needed someone fierce and loyal and who understood what it means to love. There was a ton of TENSION in this book. I mean, sparks and flames and that was before they even kissed.

Bonus, all the time spent on the ship didn’t get bogged down with nautical terms, which happens occasionally when historomances are set on ships. I also liked that I got more of the Lyon Redmond story, since that’s a thread that runs throughout the entire series, and this was the first time that things in other stories clicked for me. I really, really want the Lyon/Olivia story because man. Drama there.

I am most definitely enjoying the Pennyroyal Green series, and this was representative of why, even though it lacked some of the more lighthearted, laugh out loud moments that other books had. Still. I think Julie Anne Long has the possibility of becoming a favorite, and I don’t say those sorts of things lightly.


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  1. I seriously, seriously need to get my act together and read some Julie Anne Long. Everyone has great things to say about her books. I don’t know why I am dragging my feet. I guess sometimes it’s just so hard for me to try new historical romance writers.

    Anyway, I’m glad you liked this, and I definitely am putting Long at the top of my TBR list.
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    • Overwhelming nautical terms is always a deal breaker for me. Well, a deal breaker in that I always end up skimming through those parts. Which is just as bad…

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