Murder on the Hill by Kennedy Chase {Kelly’s Review}

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I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Murder on the Hill by Kennedy Chase {Kelly’s Review}Murder on the Hill by Kennedy Chase
Series: Harley Hill Mysteries #1
Genres: Contemporary, Cozy
Pages: 250
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Look out London, there’s a new investigator in town! Harley Hill is a twenty-five year old woman in need of a new identity. Until now she’s been know as many things: Thief, Bandit, The girl dressed like a ninja…

When she’s offered an investigative position at the Silvers Finders Agency, she decides it’s time to go straight. But when a jewelry store break-in she’s investigating turns into a murder case, Harley will need all her skills to find the killer and avoid the attentions of a Russian crime boss.

With the help of her new friends, and some from her underworld past, Harley faces a race against the clock. She’ll need to uncover the secret behind the artifact left at the jewelry store if she’s to catch the murderer. If she fails, it won’t just be the job she loses — but her life.

I have no idea what happened.

Thoughts on Murder on the Hill

I feel like I need to start this review by stating point blank that I didn’t hate this book. I was… confused by it. I didn’t always understand where Harley or her cohorts were coming from, but I didn’t hate it.

That said, this is one of those books that I spent a good portion of wondering what was going on. Not because of any writing flaws, however. Oh, no. It was more because I LITERALLY didn’t understand some of the things being discussed. It’s a regional speech thing. I didn’t know what a dongle was (still don’t, as a matter of fact) and there were several references to one. While the point could be made that I could have got off my feverishly reading butt and looked it up, I’m going to point out that I choose to think a dongle has something to do with male anatomy and that made ALL THOSE SCENES WHERE ONE WAS MENTIONED SO MUCH FUNNIER!

Just so everything is out in the open, regional speech patterns are something that have flummoxed me before. It makes immersing yourself in the narrative difficult. When you’re starting to find your reading groove and then a word pops in and you’re like “Whoa. Wait. What are we talking about?”, it makes you lose your flow. And losing your flow is something that’s hard to come back from.

So I didn’t hate this book. But I also never really felt any empathy for Harley or her friends. I can honestly say I don’t understand why certain members of the police were willing to look the other way and/or help her in some of her criminal activities. While I can appreciate that Harley felt alone before meeting Cordi, the way they seemed to suddenly become hardcore BFFs because Cordi threw her a little kindness never really clicked for me. However, that could have been because I didn’t understand some of the things they were bonding over.

Also, I don’t like cake and/or pie nearly enough to read about it practically every chapter.

The mystery itself was decent. I did think Harley’s sudden revelation of who had done the deed came out of the blue. But, again, that might have been because I missed some of those clues while I was giggling over the dongle.

Bottom line, regional speech patterns and I don’t get along well. It’s a me-thing. I own that.

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