Reckless Seduction by Jane Feather {Amanda’s DNF Review}

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Reckless Seduction by Jane Feather {Amanda’s DNF Review}Reckless Seduction by Jane Feather
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Scandal was nothing to headstrong Genevieve Latour - unless it threatened her family's good name in New Orleans. But when she thwarted Dominic Delacroix - and his attempt to blackmail her father - she wasn't prepared for the seductive man she found beneath the guise of a dangerous blockade runner. With war raging around them, and everything she cared for at stake, could Genevieve trust Dominic with her life...or her heart?

Thrown back to the library gods!

Thoughts on Reckless Seduction

If you follow me on Goodreads, you might be aware that I have a shelf fondly titled “thrown-back-to-the-library-gods.” It’s essentially a DNF shelf, though a bit more nicely named because what if I decide to pick it up again? Actually, I created it to help me keep track of library books I decided not to read so I wouldn’t accidentally pick them up again. (Or in some cases, pick up the same series or author or whatever I had an issue with again.)

“Trust you!” she ejaculated scornfully. “I would not trust you any further than I could throw you…” pg. 71

That’s where I had to stop. My preferred method of ejaculation doesn’t involve speaking, and that phrase tipped me over into “NOPE” territory.

(If you want to get into oft-given writing advice, that phrase breaks two rules: one, stick to “said” for dialogue tags and two, don’t use -ly adverbs. I think you can get a little more adverb-y in historical romance, but sometimes you have to draw the line somewhere, and my line is, apparently, at ejaculating scornfully.)

Reckless Seduction is written in omniscient, I think, as it’s the only reason I can think of to head hop to all characters in every scene. That kind of hopping always dizzies me, since I never know whose head I’m in. And once I figure it out, it’s usually skipped to someone else.

And then there’s Dominic. Despite this a love story between Genevieve and Dominic, he’s already been in bed with one woman (presumably a mistress) and is pursuing Genevieve’s sister. I’m finding it difficult to like him and his flyaway brows, which get mentioned a lot.

Genevieve is the only character I somewhat remotely liked, but then I find out she’s only eighteen, and somehow that just made me wonder how old Dominic was. She’s eighteen. Even just a few years difference makes a lot of difference when the younger partner is eighteen.

Thus, we must release Reckless Seduction back to the library gods whence it came.


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  1. “That’s where I had to stop. My preferred method of ejaculation doesn’t involve speaking, and that phrase tipped me over into “NOPE” territory.”

    And I just died. This is definitely NOT my preferred method of ejaculation either, so color me disappointed. I just sort of blinked stupidly at that line and went “really?”. I wouldn’t have even been able to write that without snorting, and a thesaurus would have been immediately consulted to find me a new word.
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  2. You raise a valid point about keeping track of DNFs in order to not accidentally pick them up again. Makes me think that I need my own ‘thrown-back-to-the-library-gods’ GoodReads shelf, although I’ll probably call it something different seeing how I get most of my titles from a different source. Moving on, only one likable character in the entire story? Ooh oh.
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    • It’s a great shelf to have, no matter what you call it! Especially if you read a lot of books every year — it can be easy to forget what you’ve thrown back.

    • I normally prefer English historicals too, though I thought I’d give this one a shot. Because you never know!

      Oooooh! Guess what I got today! A PACKAGE. From you. I am super pumped about it. <3

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