Amanda’s 2015 Blogging Manifesto

Posted 2 January, 2015 by Amanda / 18 Comments

Last year, I wrote a blogging manifesto for 2014. I liked it so much that I’m doing it again for 2015. But fancier this time.


Here’s how it goes:

1. I will read what I want

If I want to read 100 historical romances in a row, I will. If I want to turn up my nose at ARCs and new releases, I will. It doesn’t matter what I read as long as I’m reading and I want to read it. What’s the point of agonizing over my reading choices? It’s supposed to be fun.

2. I will stay involved

I’ve become more distant from the book blogging community. That needs to change. More interaction on social media and blogs. More participation in events if I can swing it. Maybe it’s time for that historical romance month I keep talking about.

3. I will have fun

BECAUSE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE  FUN. Do I need to say more? I like having fun, and the book blogging community is a great place to have it.

4. I will blog for myself

That means not being afraid of blogging or changing up my schedule or of skipping days (or weeks) completely. It means posting about what truly interests me, and not letting others dictate my blogging content or schedule.

5. I will drop the guilt

A lot of bloggers feel guilty if they can’t read a book or haven’t read a book “everyone else” has or if they don’t post on a schedule or if they need a break or if they don’t read as much as they want or… well, you get the idea. Book bloggers feel a lot of guilt. I’m not immune. So I will stop letting my guilt dictate my blogging and reading habits.

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18 Responses to “Amanda’s 2015 Blogging Manifesto”

  1. I’m totally with you on this! When I first started blogging, I was super active in the community & somewhere along the line, it became not fun, so I took a step back. Now, I’m ready to get back into it on my own terms, no guilt, no drama. Just awesome people talking about the books we love! Happy 2015.

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