A Farewell, a thank you, and a see you soon

Posted 31 December, 2014 by Jenna / 3 Comments

What better day than New Year’s Eve to reflect back on the year we passed? This year, I’m reflecting back a little farther – to June of 2013, when I started posting reviews here at On a Book Bender. I had seen a posting on Facebook that Amanda and Kelly were looking for an associate reviewer. At the time, I was reviewing books mostly to myself on Goodreads and on a Patch blog. But I wasn’t getting a lot of traffic or interactions with other readers. And so, when I saw the post, I thought, ‘why not?’

I was thrilled to start sharing my thoughts about the various stories, books, and novels I read! Even more thrilled to start conversations with many of you who read the blog. Finally, more book talk! (Not only do I thank you for indulging me, but my family and friends do, too! Up until then, they were hounded nonstop with my thoughts and verbal book reports.)

A little while later, I started my own blog space – Girl with Book Lungs. To be honest, I’m still stunned that it has taken off as quickly as it has. I feel thrilled and honored and blessed.

And busy. At times, even overwhelmed. Which is why I came to the difficult decision to resign from On a Book Bender and focus on Girl with Book Lungs. It’s both exciting and sad. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to write and review here, for the chance to meet some awesome ladies – Amanda and Kelly, I’m looking at you! – for the chance to strike up conversations with you wonderful readers. Thank you for getting to know me and for sharing your thoughts with me!

While I may be leaving On a Book Bender, I will still be a reader and I will still be around! I would love it if you would consider adding Girl with Book Lungs to your blog rolls, Facebook likes, and Twitter feeds. I wish you all the blessings of the holiday season, the excitement of new beginnings in the year to come, and my heartfelt thanks. I hope to see and hear from all of you soon!




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