Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas {Amanda’s Review}

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Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas {Amanda’s Review}Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas
Series: Wallflowers #1
Also in this series: Scandal in Spring, It Happened One Autumn, Devil in Winter
Genres: Historical, Romance
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Four young ladies enter London society with one common goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So a daring husband-hunting scheme is born.

Annabelle Peyton, determined to save her family from disaster, decides to use her beauty and wit to tempt a suitable nobleman into making an offer of marriage. But Annabelle's most intriguing--and persistent--admirer, wealthy, powerful Simon Hunt, has made it clear that while he will introduce her to irresistible pleasure he will not offer marriage. Annabelle is determined to resist his unthinkable proposition . . . but it is impossible in the face of such skillful seduction.

Her friends, looking to help, conspire to entice a more suitable gentleman to offer for Annabelle, for only then will she be safe from Simon--and her own longings. But on one summer night, Annabelle succumbs to Simon's passionate embrace and tempting kisses . . . and she discovers that love is the most dangerous game of all.

Experienced weird reading deja vu feeling.

Thoughts on Secrets of a Summer Night

My “thrown back to the library gods” shelf was created for books like Secrets of a Summer Night. Not because I didn’t finish it — I did finish. No, because I spent a good chunk of the book experiencing reading deja vu.

Because I had read the book except Goodreads said I hadn’t. And that poses problems. For my sanity. It created all sorts of questions.

“Did I read this book in some past life?”

“Have I read so many historical romances they’re all blurring together?”

“Am I thinking of a different historical romance book with similar characters and circumstances?”

“Did I read it and not mark it in Goodreads?”

Quite the dilemma I had, especially since this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced something similar. Near I can figure, I have read Secrets of a Summer Night before — at least about half of it — but for some reason, never finished. Because the ending, I am quite sure, is not anything I remember.

And I remember the endings. Because the endings are why you read. Well, most of why. Okay, part of why. You get the idea. I suspect I gave up (if I’m not going crazy and really have read part of this book before) because there was a lull in the second half and I wasn’t sure why the book had to continue for so long.

I’ve done this before when the marriage isn’t the end of the book. There’s always a change in the tension and I probably got bored, set the book down, and didn’t pick it up. In case it’s not obvious, I powered through this time.

I’m glad I did because the ending was EXPLOSIVE. Yeah, I’m punning here. Anyway! Annabelle. And Simon. I was kind of disappointed we didn’t get more Simon’s POV, because I liked him, standard historical romance hero that he was. Annabelle I was less enamored of, mainly because she struck me as rather snobby even though things like character development happen.

Annabelle just gets a lot of page time. And sometimes, I like witnessing the man’s downfall from his perspective. It’s so much more delicious that way.

Secrets of a Summer Night is definitely a “read in one day” sort of books, purely for pleasure, that you don’t put a lot of critical thought to. I’m determined to plow forward with this series because, as everyone has told me, Devil in Winter is worth it.


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8 Responses to “Secrets of a Summer Night by Lisa Kleypas {Amanda’s Review}”

  1. Yes, Devil in Winter is SOOOO worth it. I’ve actually never read this because I’ve heard so many people say that Annabelle was snobby, and I didn’t want to read about that. But I’ve read the rest of the series, and in general am a big Lisa Kleypas fan. I really liked It Happened One Autumn, too, though. I hope you like that and I can’t wait to see how you feel about Devil in Winter!
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Review: Under the Mistletoe by Jill ShalvisMy Profile

    • That reminds me! I’m to the point in my library shelves where I have to request books I want to read from other branches because they’re not readily available. (I love and hate reaching that point.) So… Devil in Winter has been requested! (And It Happened One Autumn is on the shelves [yay!] so maybe I’ll grab that today.)

  2. This has happened to me before Amanda! With a historical romance as well. I was a few chapters in going “why do I know what’s going to happen next?”. I think I must have done the same thing – started it at some point and then never finished. I likely got distracted by something else as that’s a fairly common occurrence O.o So glad the ending was worth powering through this one again!

    • Isn’t it the weirdest feeling? I usually read an entire book in one sitting (to avoid getting distracted) so something like this completely throws me. But yay, the ending was worth it!

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