No Test for the Wicked by Julie Moffett {Kelly’s Review}

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

No Test for the Wicked by Julie Moffett {Kelly’s Review}No Test for the Wicked by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael Mystery #5
Also in this series: No One Lives Twice, No Woman Left Behind, No Room For Error, No Strings Attached
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

A Geek's Worst Nightmare: Going Back to High School

Returning to high school is not something I ever wanted to do over—it was awful the first time around. So why do I have to go back as part of a new undercover assignment? Because the universe loves playing jokes on me, obviously.

I've been ordered to go all 21 Jump Street and track down the students who are breaking into the computer system, changing grades, and causing all kinds of havoc. Although I'm not thrilled about my new gig, at least it gives me something to do other than worry over the fact that I now have a boyfriend. And no freaking idea what to get him for Christmas.

Or it did give me something else to worry about, until I stumbled across a more sinister threat. I was shocked to find distinct traces of a group of international hackers inside the network. Why would dangerous cyber mercenaries be interested in a high school in the middle of Washington, D.C.? What exactly have I gotten myself into?

Fast paced, sexy fun with Lexi!

Thoughts on No Test for the Wicked

Sooooo. I’ve only read book 1 in this series. That would be the one where the bevy of potential love interests for our geeky girl were introduced. There was plenty of hot man-flesh to go around in that book, but clueless Lexi wasn’t quite ready to dive into the uncharted (for her) waters of indiscriminate dating. Between books 1 and 5, Lexi has found her groove. Sort of. One of her dudes is now her boyfriend. This is a good thing and I LIKE the guy, but… I kinda might feel like there’s a little something between her and one of the other guys that REALLY needs to be explored. (and I hope hope hope it is because he sort of stole my heart.)

Anyway. Lexi, resident geek girl, goes back to high school to find the hacking masterminds who are mucking up the computer system at a posh private school. Figuring out who did it isn’t all that difficult (for her or us), but convincing them it would be in their best interests to stop before they cross a line they can’t come back from is another story. And of course, there’s that pesky problem of international terrorism to deal with. That problem is a little more physically dangerous than finding some genius high schoolers and talking them down from ruining their future.

Meanwhile, there’s the relationship issue. I really do like her dude, but he seems almost too worldly for her. Lexi’s kinda relationship-clueless and someone a little less…umm, experienced seems more her speed. On the other hand, Lexi’s smart and quick-thinking. If she wants it to work, I’m sure she’ll find a way. (but I’m still rooting for her and the other guy to explore what’s between them. Just so we’re clear.)

Fun, quirky (because Lexi’s friends are a crack up!), and nicely entertaining, I just might have to go back and catch up on everything I missed. You know why? GIRL POWER!

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