Trouble in Mudbug by Jana Deleon {Kelly’s Review}

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Trouble in Mudbug by Jana Deleon {Kelly’s Review}Trouble in Mudbug by Jana Deleon
Series: Ghost-in-Law #1
Genres: Contemporary, Cozy, Ghost, Mystery & Detective
Pages: 300
Format: eBook
Source: Freebie

Scientist Maryse Robicheaux thought that a lot of her problems had gone away with her mother-in-law’s death. The woman was rude, pushy, manipulative and used her considerable wealth to run herd over the entire town of Mudbug, Louisiana.

Unfortunately, death doesn’t slow down Helena one bit.

DEA Agent Luc LeJeune is wondering what his undercover assignment investigating the sexy scientist has gotten him into – especially as it seems someone wants her dead. Keeping his secrets while protecting Maryse proves to be easier than fighting his attraction for the brainy beauty.

A snarky ghost and decent mystery.

Thoughts on Trouble in Mudbug

Man, I sort of waffled on this book. It was funny and wildly entertaining and yet I had some serious crazy eyes at parts because, OMG!, the things Helena did to Maryse drove me batty! I just… NO. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t come back as a slug in the middle of a salt marsh with some of the stuff she pulled. However, her shenanigans were entertaining. And in the end, that’s what I want from a book. So… well played, Jana Deleon. Well played.

But this review isn’t about me (lying. It’s totally about me.)… wait. I lost my train of thought. Anyway. This book, it amused me. These characters. They amused me. The snarky ghost who makes some AWFUL fashion choices amused me. Especially since her fashion choices were all over the place. And she couldn’t quite control them. HA. I find that funny. Also, the cat suit. I find that funny.

I liked the sparks between Luc and Maryse. I liked how dedicated Maryse was to her job. I liked how easily she could be swayed to do ridiculous things by the snarky ghost.

Frankly, there was a lot of entertainment to be found all around. *thumbs up*

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  1. Reincarnated as a slug in the middle of a salt marsh—Haha! This story is obviously to be taken with a grain of salt, but if it comes with a high giggle factor I’m ok with the lack of credibility. I’m off to Amazon to check if it’s still available as a freebie. I need to experience said cat suit for myself!

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