September 2014 Bloggiesta To-Do List

Posted 18 September, 2014 by Amanda / 12 Comments

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN! TIME FOR BLOGGIESTA. Who’s excited? *points to self* This girl.

And what’s even better is that Bloggiesta starts TODAY, for four full days of blogging TLC. It’s like it’s meant to be, really, because Bloggiesta oh-so-conveniently coincides with the boyfriend’s brother’s bachelor party weekend, which means no distractions for me.

So. Excited.

Right now, though, I only have one large, daunting task:

  • Update all reviews with the UBB plugin. [On page 14 of 40]


Well, I guess I have some other ones:

  • Schedule Top Off Tuesday posts so I can stop scrambling the night before
  • Write a couple discussion posts

But that’s it!

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12 Responses to “September 2014 Bloggiesta To-Do List”

  1. WHY do I always miss the beginning of this? Have I been living in a hole? (That’s a definite possibility.) I NEED to do this…and, hey, I didn’t get around to writing a post today so I’m going to take that as a sign that I need to jump in. :)

    • You’ve been so involved in reading awesome books that you missed it?

      This is kind of why I like being part of the Bloggiesta community on Google+—we always get an invitation for the event, which is a reminder, and then it gets added to my Google calendar, which keeps me on track. :D

      AND YES, JOIN IN. I’ll be there and drinking wine this weekend.

  2. That’s a very reasonable list of things you have there Amanda! I really need to update Goodreads and Amazon, as well as the alphabetical review list on the blog. But I’m too lazy at the moment to do that ;-) One day though, one day!!!! Motivational fail.

    • I cross post my reviews to Goodreads as soon as I write them, which eliminates ever being behind. And that’s awesome! I’m terrible at updating my review list, which is why I need to get all my reviews in with the UBB plugin. Because AUTOMATICALLY UPDATED REVIEW LIST!

  3. I wish I could participate in Bloggiesta, but it falls on one of the worst weekends for me. Well, not worst as in bad, but worst as in I am extremely busy.

    However, you are totally inspiring me to update all my past reviews for the UBB Plugin. I’ve been putting it off, thinking it’s too daunting a task, but I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers doing it. So I should too.

    Good luck!!!

    • Yeah. Normally I’m in total “do nothing” mode on the weekend—no matter how much I think I’m going to do, little gets done—but with my boyfriend out of town, it’s the perfect weekend. Also, I have wine.

      And yes! Updating all those reviews is a little daunting, but it’ll be so worth it. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

  4. It took me a long time to convert all my old reviews to the UBB. I did them in chunks and by month, so I had filtered my reviews in the dashboard, that way I didn’t forget where I left off. I also worked from newest to oldest because I figured people cared about and viewed older reviews less.
    But I got it done eventually!
    Your list looks manageable, you’ll do fine! Pop in an audiobook and go to town :)

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