Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}

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Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins
Series: Wicked Widows #1
Genres: Historical, Regency, Romance
Pages: 341
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Even in London society—where everyone knows what you did last season—you never know who’s next in line to walk down the aisle, inWhy Dukes Say I Do


With her whirlwind social life in London, Lady Isabella Wharton has little interest in the customs of the country. But when her godmother asks her to pay a visit to her bachelor grandson in Yorkshire, Isabella can’t refuse. It behooves her to please the old dowager, since she harbors one of Isabella’s most scandalous secrets. So off she goes to see the newly-titled—and notoriously rustic—Duke of Ormond…


Trevor Carey doesn’t care about what goes on behind ballroom doors. He is content with the simple life—and isn’t ashamed to admit it to a society flirt like Lady Isabella. But the country air brings out a different side of Isabella—one full of longing and passion. Can her sophistication be hiding a desire for love? When a blackmailer from the city arrives to threaten Isabella, Trevor will shield her from harm—even travel to London. Can the duke tackle the ton on Isabella’s behalf …and manage to keep her all to himself?

Why DO dukes say I do?

Thoughts on Why Dukes Say I Do

This is the second book I’ve read by Manda Collins, and the second time I’ve easily guessed who was behind the dastardly deeds. Which is no fun for me, really. But at least it provides outside forces to keep the couple in trouble.

Speaking of the couple. Two books isn’t enough for a pattern (another one, for sure), but I find it odd that the marriage portion happens somewhere in the middle of the book. I’m always a little leery of these books because I prefer marriage (or proposal of marriage) to be the end point or goal. The “I love you” seems to be it here.

Why Dukes Say I Do is certainly enjoyable, but it doesn’t always fully engage my brain. Like realizing after hearing “Lady Wharton” only and no further introductions, Trevor presents her as “Lady Isabella Wharton.” It doesn’t work like that. I also saw a then/than error and a formatting/punctuation issue. Which was enough to pull me out of the story.

But I liked the sisters (Trevor’s and Isabella’s) and do plan on picking up more Manda Collins books, especially since I still have time to wait until the next Tessa Dare or Sarah MacLean book.


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10 Responses to “Why Dukes Say I Do by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}”

  1. You know… That’s an interesting point about the middle = marriage, ‘I love you’ = endgame. I’d go so far as to say it’s a historical romance genre trope.

    Which is fine by me, if it’s written by someone brilliant like Julia Quinn. I approach her knowing what to expect, and that I’ll be happy at the end… But slightly irritating when there are editing mistakes like the ones you just pointed out :/

    • I agree. Julia Quinn’s done it and I’ve been fine with it. It really depends on the reason why the marriage takes place, too. When it serves to ratchet up the tension and drama—when they’re entering into it for all the wrong reasons—that’s when it works for the book because it complicates the characters’ relationship. But if you can’t see that reason… eh.

        • The snuggly bits are always acceptable, though marriage-in-the-middle works (when, you know, it works) because it throws the characteres’ motives into question. And, you know, if I don’t notice or care what happens where in the book so long as I’m enjoying it, that’s the sign of a good book.

  2. You know, I actually like when the marriage comes in the middle of the story. I mean, I love books where the marriage is at the end, too, but for some reason I find marriage in the middle as a little more relaxing.

    Have you read anything by Julie Garwood? Her books have been around for a long time, and she’s written medieval romances, Regency romances, and romantic suspense (which I don’t love as much). A number of her books have the romance in the middle, and I love them. Julie Garwood is one of my favorite writers. You should read Castles (Regency Romance) and The Secret (medieval romance). Well, I think you should read them all because they are amazing, but those are some of my favorites. And after The Secret you should read Ransom which is a lot of Julie Garwood fans’ favorite.

    • I think maybe it was less that the marriage came in the middle and more that I didn’t understand why the marriage had to happen in the middle.

      I read a lot of Julie Garwood when I was younger. It’s been a decade since I’ve picked her up, though.

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