How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}

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How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}How to Dance With a Duke by Manda Collins
Series: Ugly Ducklings #1
Genres: Historical, Regency, Romance
Pages: 352
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

What’s a wallflower to do when she’s suddenly in need of a husband? Use all the pluck and moxie she can muster to get what she wants…

Miss Cecily Hurston would much rather explore the antiquities of Egypt than the uncharted territory of marriage. But the rules of her father’s exclusive academic society forbid her entrance unless she weds one of its members. To clear her ailing father’s name of a scandalous rumor, Cecily needs to gain admission into the Egyptian Club—and is willing to marry any old dullard to do it.

Lucas Dalton, Duke of Winterson, is anything but dull. He’s a dashing and decorated war hero determined to help Cecily—even if that means looking the other way when she claims the dance card of Amelia Snow, this season’s most sought-after beauty. But Lucas has a reason for wanting Cecily to join the Egyptian Club: His brother went missing during one of Lord Hurston’s expeditions to Egypt. An alliance with the explorer’s bluestocking daughter could bring Lucas closer to the truth about what happened…or it could lead him to a more dangerous love than either he or Cecily could have imagined…

Predictable and slightly unbelievable, but good.

Thoughts on How to Dance with a Duke

Should we talk about the predictability first? There’s a bit of mystery here: what happened to Lucas’s brother. And though that wasn’t necessarily predictable, I did figure out who was behind everything the first time that particular character appeared in the story.

The first time. I also guessed the character would do something at the end that would draw Cecily and Lucas together at the very end. Either I have excellent guessing skills or How to Dance with a Duke was predictable.

But it was still enjoyable. Even if I don’t quite believe you can be shot in the shoulder and then be up and moving around the next day like nothing happened and have no lasting effects. *gives that situation the side eye*

I’ve talked before about how I like heroines who are smart and/or ahead of their time. And Cecily definitely fits that score. Which is why this book worked for me, doubts and predictability aside. It was a good way to spend an evening, and I plan on picking up the next books in the series. (Plus, I liked the cousins.)


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10 Responses to “How to Dance with a Duke by Manda Collins {Amanda’s Review}”

  1. Hmmm . . . I think I’ll wait to see your thoughts on the next book before picking this one up. I’ve probably mentioned that my previously lacking HR list is now fat and healthy (courtesy of you . . . a few other people as well, but mostly YOU ;) ), and while I do love smart, ahead-of-their-time heroines, predictability is MEH.

    • That review is coming next week (I think, though it’s not the next book in the series), but I’ll be honest… I gave Manda Collins up after that book.

      I’ve got other authors to continue fattening your HR list with. :D

  2. This looks interesting. I don’t always really mind predictability, especially in romance novels. I mean, I basically know how it’s going to end. Although, I do like it when I’m surprised, and I can tell this book doesn’t really have any major surprises. I’ll have to look into it.

    • Yeah. When I say this is predictable, I mean that the clues to who was behind what (the suspense arc) were so obvious I was able to figure out too much to be engaged with it. I like the predictability of the hero and heroine ending up together. :)

  3. Predictable can be good BUT when you figure everything out too soon in the book, predictable can also be a bit dry. And I’d think getting shot in the shoulder would lay you up for a while. Or he’s just a real manly man.

    • Actually, I think the heroine was the one who got shot. (I’ve forgotten now, but I’m almost positive it was.) It was just like, “Oh, I’m fine. Let’s go shopping!” Um… no. I’m willing to forgive A LOT, but not that.

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