A Wild Ghost Chase by E.J. Copperman {Jenna’s Review}

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A Wild Ghost Chase by E.J. Copperman {Jenna’s Review}A Wild Ghost Chase by E.J. Copperman
Series: Haunted Guesthouse #3.5
Genres: Fiction, Ghost, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths
Format: eBook

Phantom PI Paul Harrison from the national bestselling Haunted Guesthouse mysteries returns with a tale of his own in a house full of ghosts, secrets, and spectacular oceanside views…

Three years ago in a large Victorian house on the Jersey Shore in the town of Harbor Haven, fledgling private investigator Paul and his client, Maxie Malone, were murdered. Since then, recent divorcee and reluctant ghost whisperer Alison Kerby and her 10-year-old daughter Melissa have moved in and converted the place to a guesthouse, where Maxie and Paul are now checked in for an eternity and ready to solve any case that comes their way—or at least spook the guests (who love it).

Alison’s got a lot on her plate at the moment, however, so when Paul discovers the three-hundred-year-old ghost of a small boy in the house, he decides not to involve her in the case. The boy, named Eagle of the Sun, says he’s searching for his missing mother. Paul’s happy to help Eagle of the Sun find her, though something about the boy’s story doesn’t add up. But why would a lost little ghost lie?

Series novella with a surprise twist

My Thoughts

A Wild Ghost Chase is a novella falling between the third (Old Haunts) and the fourth (Chance of a Ghost) in E.J. Copperman’s Haunted Guesthouse mystery series. I have been a fan of this series from the beginning, so I was a little surprised that I didn’t enjoy this novella more than I did. Don’t misunderstand me: I did enjoy A Wild Ghost Chase, just not as much as others in the series.

Unlike the others in the series, A Wild Ghost Chase is narrated by Paul, one of the spirits living in Allison’s Jersey Shore guesthouse. A private investigator while alive,Paul was murdered in the course of his first investigation for his first client – Maxie – the other spirit at the guesthouse. Since becoming a ghost, Paul has continued his business – sort of – with the help of Allison. But for this case, Allison is mostly out of the picture, and I think that her presence and involvement is what I missed the most.

Paul’s client is an eight-year-old boy, a Native American who died over two hundred years earlier of small pox. Paul, at the urging of Allison’s ten-year-old daughter Melissa, agrees to help find the boy’s mother. But as the investigation progresses, Paul, Maxie, and Melissa quickly realize that all is not as it seems. The twist was one that I definitely didn’t see coming – but that I found to be very clever and smart.

Overall, a good read. I really missed the narration, personality, and voice of Allison, though. She brings so much to the story and canvas of each book. I love the relationship between Paul and Allison and those scenes were some of my favorites in A Wild Ghost Chase.

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