NOT Reviewing Has Kept Me Excited About Book Blogging

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Though one of my goals was to make time to read and review this year, one thing I haven’t been doing is reviewing every book I read.

Let me be straight: I don’t accept review requests, so I’m already reading whatever I feel like. I’m not obligated to write reviews.

But sometimes, when I finish I book, the thought of writing a review is rather exhausting. And not appealing. So I don’t review it.

Having fun and enjoying what I do is important too. That’s why I don’t review every book I read. Because if I find myself not picking up another book because I know I have to write my review first, that spells trouble.

Because sometimes you have to  recognize what’s not working for you and take steps to address it.

If that means not reviewing every book you read, do it.

Because being happy with what you’re doing is more important than reviewing books.

What could you eliminate or do less of to have more fun?

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20 Responses to “NOT Reviewing Has Kept Me Excited About Book Blogging”

  1. After looking at my rather extensive need to write review pile I decided to eliminate the need to write a “for other people” review. I think that is why they piled up is because I got away from writing them for myself (since I read so much I need notes to remember what I read LOL). I think reviews will go so much quicker now. Heck last night I even finished a book and immediately wrote the review–what the what what?!?! I can guarantee that won’t happen every time but it was simple to write down my immediate thoughts when they were for me :)

    • Yay! One thing I’ve been thinking about doing is having a Friday post about the books I’ve loved, but haven’t reviewed. I think there are ways to spotlight good books without reviewing every single one. And it keeps me going! :)

  2. 99% of the books on my shelf are ones I bought, borrowed or requested. Now, I definitely feel obligated to at least read the ones I requested but that’s not such a hardship, considering I wanted to read them. I’m trying to have fun with my reviews — keep them light and interesting with a good bit of silly snark and sarcasm to keep myself (and, hopefully, my readers) amused. It’s all definitely a balancing act, as I need to read books for fun, too. No reviews required.

    • Making sure we have “for fun” books to read is so incredibly important, I think. Whenever I feel obligated, I drag my feet. I once had one single review request that took me nearly a year to complete even though it’s the only one I had during that time. I’m that bad. I just stick to my own books. :)

  3. YES! I usually read 2-3 review books a week, but in between each of those I read something just for fun. I feel added pressure reading a review book, not because I feel like I have to write a positive review or anything, but rather because I know I’m going to have to sort through all my thoughts, good or bad, at the end and string them together in coherent sentences. Sometimes I just want to get to the end of the book without analyzing my reaction to it:)

  4. The past couple of months have been crazy for me and I have not been able to review much. I haven’t been reading nearly as much either, but I am enjoying what I do read. It has been nice to be on a break from reviews. I have a couple of reviews to write, but these are from books I really enjoyed and want to share what I liked. Not reviewing every book definitely helps to just kick back and enjoy a book.

    • Yes! I mean, I think it’s one thing if you *want* to have the record of your thoughts, even if it’s as simple as, “Loved it!” but another if you’re putting pressure on yourself to churn out a review after every book you read. Just reading is good too. :)

  5. I’ve always reviewed every book I’ve ever read; it’s why I started blogging in the first place, in order to have a space with my collected thoughts on all of the books I had ever read.

    But the longer I do it, the more I realize that I don’t want to review every book. Some books are just ok, and I don’t always have more to say than that.

    I haven’t learned to let go of old habits just yet, but if it starts to weigh too heavily, reviewing every book I read will be one of the first things I stop doing.

    • Yup. I always reviewed every book I read too—it seemed weird and odd not to. But when it starts feeling like a chore? It’s an easy thing to let go of.

  6. Hear, hear! I do the same thing. If I don’t feel like reviewing a book, I don’t. Whether it’s b/c I can’t come up with much to say, or b/c I’m dying to move on to the next one, it doesn’t matter–I’m not going to suck the fun out of reading by forcing myself to do something I don’t want to do. I got enough of that in college ;)

  7. I did a post similar to this on my blog called “Taming the Book Reviewer”-because I truly miss reading for fun and not for obligations to a blog. Thanks for your post!

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