5 Things I Love About Book Blogging

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Yes, February is the “5 Things I Love…” month. This week, I continue with what I love about book blogging.

1. Connecting with other readers

Seriously. Like many other bloggers, I don’t really have anyone in real life to talk books with. Being able to connect with other readers who love books as much as I do is awesome.

I’ve met so many amazing and lovely people over the past (almost) three years and my life wouldn’t be the same without you.

2. Having a space to talk about BOOKS!

Because you know my boyfriend certainly isn’t listening to me. And really, everyone needs their own flailing space to call their own.

I’ve also done a lot more with this little blog than I ever thought possible and learned a lot about WordPress and CSS and branding along the way.

3. Learning about books I wouldn’t have found on my own

Reading other bloggers’ reviews has opened my eyes to new books and genres that I probably never would have tried on my own.


4. Bonding over really bad covers and monster erotica

Top Off Tuesdays and GLA are my FAVORITES. My blogging life wouldn’t be the same without either.

And I’m glad that everyone seems to enjoy them too. (Otherwise it’d be only half as fun.)

5. Being able to meet and connect with authors

Before book blogging, I never really considered the idea of book signings. Learning about them and going to them is a blast.

And let’s not forget being able to tweet authors on Twitter and chatting with them.

What do YOU love about book blogging?

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18 Responses to “5 Things I Love About Book Blogging”

  1. Blogging makes me happy. Visiting fellow bloggers, snarking and swooning about books and covers, finding new must-reads, and connecting with authors makes it all worth it. I start every day with a smile because of the comments on my blog and posts on others’ blogs. Book bloggers rule! *virtual fist bump*

  2. “Because you know my boyfriend certainly isn’t listening to me.”

    Kevin doesn’t listen to me either. I’m all “can you believe that just happened?!!!!” and he’s all “nope, and I’m not sure I care”. Fail. I need fabulous people like you to flail with to make up for his lack of interest:) Top off Tuesdays are one of my absolutely favorite days of the week, nothing makes me happier than waking up and wondering what magnificent cover you have in store for me. *sigh* Best. Day. Ever.

    • No lie, the only books the boyfriend reads with any regularity is the Harry Potter series. I’m sure we could talk about HP, but… I have other books I need to flail about. SO.MANY.BOOKS.

      Speaking of Top Off Tuesdays, I can’t wait to use the cover you shared with me this week. I’m thinking about saving it until my birthday. Because it’s a birthday-worthy cover.

  3. Connecting with other readers is the main (and really only reason) that I still love book blogging. I *heart* getting to flail about our love of fictional characters (like they are real) without having to put up with “seriously you are getting that worked up over something in a book” judgement. I mean who else would understand me wanting to be friend’s with Izzy or falling in love with a historical gent like Ransom! Who I ask? WHO!~~~~~~~~~~~

    • I think that’s why a lot of us start out—to connect with others—but it’s probably the easiest one to forget when we get bogged down with review requests and the like. But other readers? Like you, they’re the reason I’m still blogging.

  4. I’m so glad I can talk to my boyfriend about books and that he does reviews on my blog from time to time. He may not read YA and Adult Romance but he will listen to me gush about them. He even remembers my book boyfriends and the series I love. He is the best to talk to about books but I also love talking about them with the blogging world. I do agree that I have found many books that I wouldn’t have picked up before I started blogging. Plus what girl can complain about her TBR Piles becoming out of control due to too many recommendations from fellow bloggers.

  5. I love being able to talk with people about the books that I read. My husband gets a bit tired pretending to be interested in my most recent reads. :)

    • Ha. He gets points for pretending, right? My boyfriend doesn’t even do that. Though to be fair, I don’t pretend to be interested in his video games either. ;)

  6. Normally when someone posts a list like this I’m able to come up with at least one thing that would bump something off my version of the same list. This time–NOPE. Are you in my brain? ‘Cause it feels like you’re in my brain ;)

  7. I wholeheartedly agree with all five of your list. I try to put as much into my blog and put in as much good content as I can in my limited amount of time, but nothing beats the book blogging community. Meeting other people who love books as much as you do and being able to have conversations with people who understand what you are talking about is awesome.

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