The Post-Book Crankies {Amanda’s Discussion}

Posted 31 January, 2014 by Amanda / 18 Comments


As all good stories go, this one started with a tweet.

Sometimes, when I get wrapped up in a good book, returning to the real world is difficult.

And when I find myself thrust unwillingly into the real world again, I get CRANKY. Like a “Fuck you real world, give me back my book world” cranky.

It’s when everything is an irritation. WHY REAL WORLD, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO BLEAK AND COLD AND NOT MY BOOK?

The post-book crankies also involve not being sure what to do with yourself afterward. Do you do something else? Do you read another book? Do you go write your review? Nothing feels right.

Do you get the post-book crankies? How do you fight them?

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18 Responses to “The Post-Book Crankies {Amanda’s Discussion}”

  1. YES AMANDA! I’ve experienced this on many an occasion, and normally it lasts around a week for me. I can’t read anything else in the meantime because even if it’s a great book, it’s not the book I’m thinking about. I usually have to watch movies or binge watch TV shows when this happens. Then after a week of a different medium, I’m ready to pick up a book again:)

  2. Tara SG

    Like angry PABD? :)

    It’s worse when the real world aka screaming child won’t let you start a new book right afterwards lol.

    But I AM reading again!!

    • Kinda! Sometimes it’s less because it was a really good book and more that I don’t want to stop reading.

      I’m glad you’re reading again! And I was just thinking of you yesterday — it’s been too long since we talked last!

  3. Of COURSE I get the post-book crankies. Especially if it’s an awesome book. There are times when I’d be happy to have a little mind-wipe so I can start fresh with that book and have the first-read love again (though, mostly, I realize that’s a bad idea).

  4. I don’t get the post-book crankies too often; however, when I do get it, it will last for a while. It is usually after I finish a long series, and I know that there are not going to be any more books in the series.

  5. I think it’s also important to distinguish the ‘eff reality’ book cranky you’re describing and the ‘I have to wait HOW long until the next book in the series comes out’ book sulk.

  6. I’ve not had book crankiness, but I’ve had a book hangover. The sad feeling you get with finishing a good book that makes it impossible to move onto the next read.

  7. I get this condition only with certain books that combine a fantastic story with memorable characters and beautiful writing. Gaiman’s Neverwhere, Mantel’s Wolf Hall, Winston’s Good Grief, Pilcher’s The Shell Seekers. These books still make me sigh. Sometimes I go back and start over or re-read key passages. Other times I’ll pick up a mystery, something that won’t require too much brain power on my part. I let the detective do that for me.

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