The 13 Best Things About 2013

Posted 27 December, 2013 by Amanda / 16 Comments

Let’s celebrate the end of 2013, shall we?

Here are my favorite/best things about 2013…

1. Jenna joined the On a Book Bender family. And I’m so happy to have her!
2. Bout of Books hit 500 participants
3. I published a book about Blog Events (based on my experience with Bout of Books)
4. Rediscovering historical romance kicked me out of my months-long reading slump
5. I renamed my business to The Path of Least Revision (one of my better decisions)
6. I met some awesome new people
7. My niece was born!
8. I met Kelly IN PERSON
9. I published a SECOND book about blogging called The Blogger’s Mindset
10. Rediscovering historical romances meant rediscovering the awesomeness of the LIBRARY
11. I got to see my brother. It usually only happens once a year!
12. I pushed past some big insecurities to succeed
13. I learned A TON about business, marketing, and branding (and enjoyed doing it)

And now 2014 is going to be MY YEAR.

What are YOUR best things about 2013?

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16 Responses to “The 13 Best Things About 2013”

  1. I like this! And you did have a good 2013! Mine kind of sucked but I need to look at the positive. I’m SURE there were 13 good things…definitely meeting new, awesome people is one! I’m seconding this: 2014 is going to be MY YEAR (too. Heh.).

  2. LOVE IT! I’m so excited for you and the books you published, and I wish you much success both with writing and with The Past of Least Revision. I have no doubt you’re going to grow your business into something truly special. And a huge yay for your niece being born and getting to see your brother! WOO HOO! Oh, and meeting Kelly of course, I hope one day I’ll get to come face to face with the both of you:)

    Looking forward to 2014 with you Amanda!

    • Maybe one day we’ll all get to meet at BEA! And I’m hoping to publish a couple more books in 2014, so you may be seeing more of me. ;)

  3. I’m glad you had such a great year in 2013. I don’t think this was a great year for me but I am looking forward to 2014 because I will finally graduate from my medical program so I can move forward with my life.
    Happy New Year!

  4. You are such a positive force in the book blogging community. 2013 was an awesome year for you and if 2013 was not your year and 2014 is? Then I cannot wait to see what 2014 brings for both On a Book Bender and The Path of Least Revision. :)

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