Vampire Redemption by Phil Tucker {Kelly’s Review}

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Selah’s back and things are happening!

Vampire Redemption (The Human Revolt #3) by Phil Tucker
Genre: Urban fantasy
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Book Order

1. Vampire Miami
2. Vampire L.A.
3. Vampire Redemption

4. Vampire Revolution


The vampire war has begun anew. Cured of Sawiskera’s curse but bereft of his god-like powers, Selah finds herself alone, vulnerable as never before, and burdened by the sins she committed while seeking salvation.

Yet the war offers her no respite. Blood Thralls sweep across the land, and the US military has her on their most wanted list. Plessy stirs in Miami, and everywhere the world descends into madness and despair.

And through it all, a vampire stalks her, his might undeniable, his hunger insatiable. Theo’s vow to consume her heart haunts Selah’s every waking moment, and she cannot deny the righteousness of his vengeance…

My Thoughts

Holy crud. Just when you think things can’t get worse, they do. Selah’s been misled and lied to. She’s had someone she loves betray her to protect himself and someone who loves her condemn himself to save her. On top of that, as if the vampire threat alone wasn’t bad enough, now a power-hungry politician is making deals with the enemy and the only people who have the means to stop him are on the run.

To say that her life is complicated right now would be an understatement. A BIG understatement.

I really do enjoy the fast-paced crazy of this series. Selah’s decision to travel to the vampire infested city of Miami in book 1 is having far reaching consequences. She’s lost people, she’s gained allies, she’s survived things she shouldn’t have been able to survive. She’s grown up a lot since she took her first baby steps into this world. Times are tough and she’s risen to the challenge of surviving again and again.

Handing herself over to the government doesn’t seem like the smartest move ever. Yet, it’s the start of something big. Selah can make changes. Her blood has the power to change the world. You know, if she survives the vampire attacks and the helicopter crashes and the full-bore crazy she has coming after her.

It’s a heart-pounding ride and it’s not over yet.


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6 Responses to “Vampire Redemption by Phil Tucker {Kelly’s Review}”

  1. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I read the word “condemn” in the second line as “condom”. Um. What? O.o Mind in the gutter apparently:) This sounds like a crazy series full of action and pain and darkness and I like it Kelly. Looking forward to your thoughts on Vampire Revolution!

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