Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan {Kelly’s Revisit Review}

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Winterblaze by Kristen Callihan {Kelly’s Revisit Review}Winterblaze {Kelly} by Kristen Callihan
Series: Darkest London #3
Also in this series: Firelight {Kelly}, Firelight {Amanda}, Moonglow {Kelly}, Moonglow {Amanda}, Winterblaze {Amanda}, Shadowdance {Amanda}, Shadowdance {Kelly}, Evernight, Soulbound, Soulbound
Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Romance, Victorian
Pages: 448
Format: eBook

Once blissfully in love . . .

Poppy Lane is keeping secrets. Her powerful gift has earned her membership in the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals, but she must keep both her ability and her alliance with the Society from her husband, Winston. Yet when Winston is brutally attacked by a werewolf, Poppy’s secrets are revealed, leaving Winston’s trust in her as broken as his body. Now Poppy will do anything to win back his affections . . .

Their relationship is now put to the ultimate test.

Winston Lane soon regains his physical strength but his face and heart still bear the scars of the vicious attack. Drawn into the darkest depths of London, Winston must fight an evil demon that wants to take away the last hope of reconciliation with his wife. As a former police inspector, Winston has intelligence and logic on his side. But it will take the strength of Poppy’s love for him to defeat the forces that threaten to tear them apart.

I want the next book NOW!

Thoughts on Winterblaze

Seeing as how I loved the previous books in this series, it doesn’t shock me IN THE LEAST with how smitten I am with Poppy and Winston’s story. The shattered trust they have to forgive and rebuild — on both their sides — is hard to read about at times, but it’s sweetly glorious all the same. Because beneath the pain and the pride and the turmoil they’re in, they’re deeply in love with one another. It just takes a while for them to reach a point where they can admit it.

How I love this series. Though I can’t say that book 3 is my favorite, I adored Winston and Poppy. –Amanda

Honestly, as much as I adored seeing Poppy and Winston’s struggle to reconnect while simultaneously having the opportunity to experience their courtship years before (told in flashbacks. Sort of.), it was the secondary characters that ripped my heart out in all its beating glory. Jack Talent’s story especially. What happened to him simply flayed me. I am so SO ready for book 4.

Meanwhile, Daisy and Miranda’s struggle to come to grips with the lies that Poppy has told them for years worked beautifully. And, ye gods! All the secrets. So many secrets. I feel like we got a peek through a doorway with what some of the secrets that were spilled hinted at. There just feels like there’s SO MUCH to this world. Every book adds another layer and every layer makes me want more more more of it.

The world we were exposed to in Firelight has grown and expanded and gotten smaller at the same time. Winterblaze builds on what Moonglow opened up and I am excited and anxious to get my hands on Shadowdance. –Amanda

I’m practically pining for the next book after finishing this one. November can’t come soon enough. Kelly Loves Books... and you!


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  1. First off, love that name, Poppy. Second, I loved that they were married and had to find a way to reconnect. Very different approach that I’d like to see more often, especially with the heat between the two of them!

  2. Okay, I feel like I need to meet Jack Talent immediately. His story flayed you? *dies* I’m a little in love with him already just knowing something awful happens in his life, and I want to be the woman right there with open arms to comfort him. Will he always be a secondary you think Kelly, or is this a series that focuses on different people with each book?

  3. I agree with Mary, Poppy is a fabulous name. As much as I love my romance novels, I find it frustrating that most end with characters getting married. I like the idea that this book follows a couple after the honeymoon is over and seeing them negotiate conflicts as a married couple.

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