Before the Mission Begins by Christi Snow {Kelly’s Review}

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Sexy, sweet, sad, and undeniably good.

Before the Mission Begins (When the Mission Ends #0.5) by Christi Snow

Before the Mission Begins (When the Mission Ends #0.5) by Christi Snow
Genre: Contemporary romance
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When the Mission Ends Book Order

0.5. Before the Mission Begins
1. Operation: Endgame
2. Operation: Endeavor
3. Operation: Endurance


Before his mission began, he went home. 24 hours to say goodbye to his twin sister.

Instead he found her. A girl that was nothing like the one he thought he knew.

They have 24 hours. 24 hours before he deploys on an extremely dangerous mission. 24 hours together in a freak West Texas snowstorm. 24 hours that will have to get them both through the awful next year.

When the resident good-girl decides to take on the visiting bad-boy, 24 hours is all it takes to change their lives forever.
This is the story of the 24 hours that no one knew ever occurred…until now.

The timeline of this novella is set before the When the Mission Ends trilogy occurs, but this book is actually meant to be read between Book #2, Operation: Endeavor, and Book #3, Operation: Endurance.

My Thoughts on Before the Mission Begins

Knowing what happens to Chris on the mission he’s about to leave on makes this book so bittersweet. I loved seeing him SEE Julie for the first time but it flayed me to know that they were so close to having their moment before everything fell apart. POOR JULIE AND CHRIS!

That said, I admired Julie for taking the plunge and asking Chris for their time together. Yeah, she had some ulterior motives but she saw her chance and she took it. I also liked getting a peek into how Julie tried to fling off the shackles of her OCD and grab life by the balls. Or something like that. It was intriguing and it put the argument that Rachel and Julie had in book 3 into perspective.

Sad, sweet, and sexy all rolled into one. Chris is a standup guy and he’s willing to take the time to make Julie’s experience memorable. I can appreciate that.

(Yes, I read this one out of order. I’m a rebel like that!)

(*sniffles* that I have to wait for the next novella now. It was nice being able to go from book to book with hardly a break between.)

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  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing, Kelly. Good news….the next novella turned into a 60,000 word novel. It should be out within the next four weeks. ;) smiles….

  2. 24 hours in a snowstorm with that chest and torso? Yes please. So do Julie and Chris have a full length story as well, or are they only in this novella? I want more of them already and I haven’t even read the novella yet:)

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