Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy {Jenna’s Review}

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Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy {Jenna’s Review}Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy
Series: Manor House Mystery #1
Also in this series: Grace Takes Off
Genres: Cozy, Mystery & Detective
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Library

Everyone wants a piece of millionaire Bennett Marshfield, owner of Marshfield Manor, but now it’s up to a new curator Grace Wheaton and handsome groundskeeper Jack Embers to protect dear old Marshfield. But to do this, they’ll have to investigate a botched Ponzi scheme, some torrid Wheaton family secrets-and sour grapes out for revenge.

Southern Fried Homicide at the Office

My Thoughts about Grace Under Pressure

Grace Wheaton has her dream job. She’s combining her love of history and antiques with her childhood love of Emberstowne, North Carolina’s Marshfield Manor. But the job has come at a difficult time. Grace has lost her mother and ended her engagement and, oh, by the way, has just found the body of her boss, Abe Vargas, lying in a pool of blood. Grace now finds herself in the difficult position of moving up the chain of command while under the microscope of suspicion . . . did she kill Abe in order to become head curator?

Grace is a smart, savvy, and very likable main character and narrator. She’s surrounded by a rich cast of characters, as well:

  • Roommates Bruce and Scott share an old home with Grace, the home she inherited from her mother that is threatening to fall down around all of their ears.
  • Former coworker and current reluctant assistant Frances, a busybody know-it-all who is as excellent at her job as she is sour and difficult.
  • Handsome and somewhat mysteriously aloof head gardener Jack Embers.
  • Wannabe detective and slightly creepy private investigator Ronny Tooney.
  • The grief-stricken and formidable owner of Marshfield Manor, Bennett Marshfield, who has his own secrets and regrets.

As a relative newbie to the genre of cozy mysteries, Julie Hyzy’s setting, story line, and series have me hooked. The mystery of who killed Abe is intriguing;  made even more so by the revelation of a series of threatening letters sent to Bennett.

Grace is a reluctant yet effective detective in this first book of the Manor House Mystery series. Plucky, intelligent, and sympathetic enough for a reader to really engage and commit to the series.


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8 Responses to “Grace Under Pressure by Julie Hyzy {Jenna’s Review}”

    • It sure does! This whole series is great – I’ve really enjoyed it. I actually just finished the latest installment not long ago. Miss Amanda and I will be reviewing that one together soon! So, you know, stay tuned and all. :)

  1. Oooo my mother in law LOVES cozy mysteries, I’ll have to tell her about Grace. She sounds like a fabulous heroine and I love that you described her as plucky. That’s such a great word. Looking forward to your thoughts on the rest of the books Jenna!

    • I’m pretty new to the genre, but the more of them I read, the more I’m enjoying! The problem I’m running into is that there are so many that sound good – and most of them are series! Not enough time. :)

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