Flat Water Tuesday by Ron Irwin {Chris’s Audiobook Review}

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Flat Water Tuesday by Ron Irwin {Chris’s Audiobook Review}Flat Water Tuesday by Ron Irwin
Genres: Coming of Age, Literary, Sports
Pages: 355
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher

When documentary filmmaker Rob Carrey flies back to New York from a shoot in South Africa to salvage his relationship with his lover Caroline Smythe, he unexpectedly finds himself called back to his former boarding school following a heartbreaking tragedy. Despite having long ago buried the memories of the brutal year he spent at the elite Fenton School in Connecticut as a postgraduate rower, Carrey finds that those days now return to haunt him. The Fenton School Boat Club’s top rowing team, called the God Four, is legendary. But the price that they pay for a shot at glory will scar each member of Carrey’s team far into adulthood. Colin Payne, the Massachusetts blue-blood; Jumbo, the good natured giant; John Wadsworth the preppy lawyer-to-be; Ruth Anderson, the Yale-bound coxswain; and Rob Carrey, the scholarship athlete from Niccalsetti, New York —all of them are forever bound to one another by the terrible cost of victory.

Over one tumultuous week, Rob Carrey will learn that he cannot leave the past in his wake.

Thoughts on Flat Water Tuesday

I was looking forward to discovering what this book was all about. Flat Water Tuesday is such a poetic yet mysterious title for a book.

Almost immediately things happen that cast an ominous shadow throughout the book. I started to listen, and even thought I did not know what was going to happen, I knew that it was not going to end well. Because I wanted and needed to know how this was all going to unravel, I was willingly held captive.

There is little action and a great deal of description in this softly, slowly moving story. The author definitely does a very good job of describing the sport of rowing for those of us who know little about it, and it is apparent that Ron Irwin knows and loves his subject matter extremely well. Anyone who has ever belonged to a school rowing team will enjoy this book.

The story alternates between the past, when the racing is actually taking place, and the present, 15 years later. I found this easy to follow. It was a masterful and effective way of weaving the story together.

Rob’s character is rich, complex, and very sympathetic. The character development of the other members of his team, especially his coach, is well thought out and well suited to the story.

The ending was soft, with much left to the imagination. I really would have liked a little more resolution, although I do feel that the ending was true to the tone of the story.


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  1. Sounds good but these kinds of stories aren’t usually my cup of tea. I get bored, put it down and forget about it. I do love the title, though! And the rowing. Hot guys rowing…always good.

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