Two Ravens and One Crow by Kevin Hearne {Amanda’s Mini Review}

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Two Ravens and One Crow by Kevin Hearne {Amanda’s Mini Review}Two Ravens and One Crow by Kevin Hearne
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles #4.5
Also in this series: Tricked, Trapped, Hunted
Genres: Fantasy, Urban
Pages: 65
Format: Paperback
Source: Gifted

Six years into the training of his beautiful apprentice, Granuaile, a large crow swoops down and transforms into none other than the Morrigan, a goddess who insists that Atticus come with her at once. He must leave his apprentice behind, along with his Irish wolfhound, Oberon—and he must also leave his sword. The Morrigan has always taken extreme pleasure in pronouncing the Druid’s mortal danger and imminent doom, so the fact that she won’t reveal the purpose of their journey makes him very nervous. Of course, any time the Celtic Chooser of the Slain drops in unannounced, it’s never good. When she does let slip that she’ll be saving his life in the near future, Atticus is left to wonder . . . will he soon be giving his legions of enemies something to crow about?

#NakedDruids! The Morrigan! The shenanigans ensue.

Thoughts on Two Ravens and One Crow

Since this is a novella, I’m going to borrow my list format from FBNLT.

Two Ravens and One Crow is for people who…

…are fans of the Iron Druid Chronicles
…enjoy their Druids
…prefer their enjoyable Druids naked (and horny)
…want to know what happened in the middle of Granuaile’s training (since it’s referenced in other books)
…need their #NakedDruid fix because what else are we going to read until book 7?
…are curious about the Morrigan (Hunted. Man. That book.)
…finished book 4 recently–props to you for reading in order
…have already finished books 1 through 4; yes, you need to read these in order
…can’t get enough Iron Druid Chronicles


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6 Responses to “Two Ravens and One Crow by Kevin Hearne {Amanda’s Mini Review}”

  1. I’m still only on the first book. The FIRST one. But I loved it. I think there’s some worry involved. I know I could slam through all of these books in a few days and then where would I be? Left, out in the cold, with no more Druids to read. Good to see there’s a little teaser in here to work with.

    (BTW: Nice new bio at the end)

    • If you slammed through all the books, you would just go back and listen to all the audiobooks because they’re amazing. The #NakedDruid never ends.

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