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Posted 1 August, 2013 by Amanda / 26 Comments

If you know me, you probably know that I created and co-host Bout of Books.

And that I own an editing business called The Path of Least Revision.


I decided to take what I know about hosting blog events (see: Bout of Books) and write an ebook about it. It took hosting a Twitter chat with other business owners to realize that what I’ve learned about blog events in the book blogging world could (and should) be applicable to the business world.

So I wrote a book.

I wrote a book that should give its reader a framework for what a blog event entails–and I reveal my secrets. Because you learn things when you host something like Bout of Books. Things like [redacted] and [redacted]. (Heh.) And I wanted to give people a chance to take what I’ve learned and be successful in their own endeavors.

Anyway. Everyone knows that a cover can often be the deciding factor in book sales. Bad covers = bad sales. Yes, we do judge a book by its cover.

So that’s why I went to the best–I hired Jenny of Supernatural Snark. And you know what happens when you hire Jenny? BEAUTIFUL COVERS LIKE THIS:

Blog Events

This is real. This is happening. Sooooooon, this ebook will be ready to publish.


For more information about the book, check out the Blog Events page on my business website.

The Least Revision Map subscribers will be notified when I publish. (So get on it if you want that notification [plus weekly blogging and grammar tips] [and a collection of all my best writing tips and grammar tricks] [seriously, why wouldn’t you want that?].) I’ll trickle the word out through social media and this blog after that.

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26 Responses to “Blog Events: The Book”

  1. AWESOME!! How exciting. I just know how useful this book will be to many people, because you are definitely an inspiring and savvy blogger. So thank you for sharing your know-how with all of us. I definitely think Jenny did a wonderful job on the cover. It’s bold and bloggy.

    Rock on with yo bad self!

  2. SO COOL!!! God, Jenny’s so talented, isn’t she? You definitely made the right choice with her as your designer. And I love that you’re crossing over and sharing your expertise!

  3. YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!! I’m so excited for you Amanda! I definitely need to subscribe so I know the minute your book goes up. How cool will it be to see something you wrote on Amazon? *spastic flail* And I’m thrilled you’re happy with the cover, I was really pleased with how it turned out! *high five for a winning client/designer partnership*

  4. Oooh I love that cover! So fun and colorful! I just want to stare at it…

    And congrats of course! This sounds like a great idea. I think a lot of us come up with possible blog events and think about it, but never know where to start or get overwhelmed by all that it might entail. This will definitely come in handy! Good luck with it :)

    • Truth: I have just stared at it. ;)

      Thank you! I can’t promise to take away the overwhelm, but I can promise to give readers a good idea of what has to go into a blog event and the right frame of mind to tackle one. :)

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