Doin It Dirty 3.0: Wrap Up

Posted 27 July, 2013 by Amanda / 10 Comments


  • Read! Nothing specific beyond just reading.
  • Have fun.
  • Tweet. You know I will.

Books Read

(All books will be reviewed at Free Books Need Love Too in August)

  • Werewolf Menage Erotica by Michelle Fox
  • Lexie’s First Time by Mimi Strong
  • Trip to Jamaica by Holly McDonnell
  • Taking Dictation by Stephanie Hartley
  • Camping with the Boys

General Read-a-Thon Thoughts

BOOM. For spending a good chunk of the afternoon writing (part of which involved staring at the TV), I am happy to announce that I completed a good number of books, even if not all of them appear on GR.

Next time I have to remember to download books ahead of time, which was something I neglected this time. I had to resort to making Kelly find me books. (She’s really good at this, though. In case you ever need someone to find you smut.)

Final thoughts? Doin’ It Dirty was a success. Everyone needs a little dirty in their lives, amirite?



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10 Responses to “Doin It Dirty 3.0: Wrap Up”

  1. Way to turn a dirty romp into being productive. Win! Win!

    Happy 30th! A great reason for a raunchy night out with your bookish friends ;) sorry I missed out on most of the cyber fun

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