Doin It Dirty 3.0: Goals Post

Posted 25 July, 2013 by Amanda / 11 Comments

Official Rules

  • To be run on July 26th (TOMORROW) for 12 hours: noon CST to midnight CST.
  • You don’t have to read the full 12 hours to participate. Join us for however much time you have available!
  • You must read erotica or any subgenre of romance that borders on erotica. Remember! We’re doing it dirty.
  • Sign up by linking your blog in the linky below.
  • On July 25th (TODAY/MY BIRTHDAY), we’ll post a linky for a goal post/progress updates.
  • On July 27th, we’ll give you a chance to recap your goals and let everyone know how you did.
  • Use the hashtag #DoinItDirty to track your progress on Twitter.

DON’T FORGET: We’ve having a Twitter Drinking Party at 9pm CST TOMORROW. Grab your COCKtails and join us for some seriously naughty shenanigans. Visit this site for XXX rated COCKtail ideas.


  • Read! Nothing specific beyond just reading.
  • Have fun.
  • Tweet. You know I will.

Book List & Plan of Attack

  • Filthy Smut vol. 4. You guys. You know what sold me on this book? This line: Tired of erotica that reads like it’s written by a middle schooler?
    WHY YES, I AM. How did you know? And what are those middle schoolers doing writing erotica anyway?
  • If those 35 stories somehow don’t cut it, Kelly has given me permission to dip into our vast GLA pool. Or I will download new books. Whatever.

You’ll find my updates on Twitter, Goodreads, and my wrap-up post tomorrow. I’ll be doing mini-reviews of all the books I read. I suspect most of those will end up on Goodreads or maybe Free Books Need Love, Too. Expect Twitter shenanigans, especially with our Twitter Drinking Party at 9pm CST.



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11 Responses to “Doin It Dirty 3.0: Goals Post”

  1. Filthy Smut Vol. 4? WHAT? How have I missed the first three volumes? UNACCEPTABLE AMANDA! I can’t wait for your thoughts on those 35 stories o’ filth. I’m hoping there are some weird tentacles in there somewhere. I always die laughing when you and Kelly have your tentacle discussions on Twitter.

    AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Enjoy your day off:)

  2. I’ll be joining after work, so probably won’t get a lot read since I may not get to read for lunchtime tomorrow either. I have a Christmas quickies book, and also got a new (the last) book that I was missing in Jet Mykles Heaven Sent series #5 Genesis. It’s a M/M series for the most part. :)

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