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This post was inspired by a Twitter conversation (thank you, Sharon aka @starsaloft) about getting audiobook recommendations for my boyfriend’s brother, who started a job that required him to spend more time in his car. Being the true Shofbrarian that I am, I suggested audiobooks and started him on the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne (narrated by Luke Daniels) because he’d already started the series.

Also, it’s a FANTASTIC series on audio.

But then he finished those.

And because I’m not commuting anymore (thank goodness), I stopped listening to audiobooks (boo).

So I asked Jess @ Gone with the Words for audiobook recommendations, because she (along with Felicia) is one of the first people I turn to when it comes to audiobooks.

Between Jess and an addition of my own, this is the list I came up with for him:

But that’s not where this post ends. The list above provides me with a good starting point for even MORE DISCUSSION ABOUT AUDIOBOOKS.

Now I want to know about YOU. What are your favorite audiobooks? Are they on this list already? Are they missing from the list?


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  1. I like to listen to classics on audio, they are nearly always available on audio and it helps me make sure I get them read when my reading time is limited. My absolute favorite was To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee narrated by Sissy Spacek. It’s not often that a narrator actually enhances my reading experience, but Sissy Spacek certainly did for TKM. There are some other audiobooks by actors I would like to try, Treasure Island narrated by Alfred Molina and I think Tim Curry did A Christmas Carol. Great question, I won’t be commuting much anymore and will have to find another way to sneak audiobook time into my busy day.

  2. Maybe I need to start listening to audiobooks. The problem is, I get too impatient with the reader, no matter how good they are. BUT I’d love to hear someone’s take on the Iron Druid series (god, I love that series!).

    • Mary, let it put it this way: I didn’t think I’d like audiobooks. I tried the Iron Druid series and LOVED IT. I went back to reading the paperback for books four and five. I MISSED THE AUDIO.

      It’s that good.

  3. I’ve never listened to an audio book. *hangs head in shame* They’re just so long, and I can read way faster than I can listen, so I’ve never tried one. Plus, I work from home and don’t travel much, so listening while in the car would have it likely taking about a year to finish one book! I have heard great things about the Iron Druid books though, and I’ve also heard KMM’s Fever series is good as well. I kind of want to hear what Barrons sounds like!

    • Now that I work at home too, it’s really difficult to find the time to listen to audiobooks. Especially when most of my work involves reading. I tune out the audiobook. I’ve had some success with listening to audiobooks while playing with graphics, however. (I just don’t do that much, so it’s not practical.)

      The Iron Druid books are definitely worth a listen on audiobook, though, if you ever decide you want to try one out. :D

  4. My absolute FAVORITE is The Book Thief! The narrator’s voice is so soothing and calm… which is great because the subject is hard to accept! I also really enjoyed listening to Heist Society on audio… it was very cute!

  5. I never really thought I would like audiobooks either, but if you have good narrators, they’re magic. I shall consult my huge audible library (been a member since 2004 wow!) and tell some of my favorites.

    Johnathon Stroud’s Bartimaeus series read by Simon Jones
    Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan series read by Alan Cumming
    Elizabeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody Series read by Barbara Rosenblat
    Ready Player One by Ernest Cline read by Wil Wheaton
    Any John Scalzi read by Wil Wheaton, I’ll recommend Red Shirts to Star Trek fans that can handle fun poked at it, and Fuzzy Nation.
    Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series read by Rupert Degas (I can only get the first 3 so far, hope they do the rest for Audible!)
    Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series read by Scott Brick, except for the first one, if you like the historical/archeological thriller mysteries
    Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series read by Kate Reading

    Okay, there are a lot more that I like, but that’s a good range of different things. Hope they are some good suggestions for you! :)

      • I love listening to him, he’s perfect at the sarcasm. I could take him or leave him before then, but I am a definite fan now, so much that I was all excited to go to Comic Con and here him talk and then get my picture taken with him, and I’m always afraid to meet famous people! I think he could make the phone book sarcastic and fun!

  6. I have two favourites;

    1. The whole Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale. He’s just amazing, engaging and a man of many voices!
    2. The production of The Help was wonderful. There were a few narrators! I always prefer a different narrator for a different character and so this one was a total win!

    • Sharon

      I love HP series narrated by Jim Dale and just finished The Help. It was incredibly good! One reason I chose to listen to it is b/c I heard it was difficult to read (b/c of dialect) and I didn’t want to stumble over text. I also listened to Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God for the same reason and really enjoyed it.
      Other books:
      Under the Dome by Stephen King read by Raul Esparza
      The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner narrated by Olivia Thirlby.
      Robert Petkoff narrated last Nikki Heat book (based on tv show Castle)–Deadly Heat–and I liked it better than previous books narrated by Johnny Heller. At first I thought it was the actor from the show who plays Richard Castle reading the book.
      James Marsters narrates Dresden File books by Jim Butcher (if you like sci/fi). He’s very good.
      Star Island by Carl Hiaasen narrated by Stephen Hoye
      I also listen to a lot of kid books on audio as a school librarian and can offer recommendations if you want to give those a try (mostly upper intermediate level.)

  7. American Gods by Neil Gaiman – full cast edition!!! Have to have it!
    I loved The Curse Workers audibooks too :) Others I’d recommend: 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Gone series by Michael Grant and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

  8. I’d also suggest the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s long, epic fantasy, and those books are SO much more enjoyable on audio than on paper. My favorite! Also, even if you’ve already read them, the Harry Potter books are some of my absolute favorites to listen to on audio. They’re so much fun and always fill me with nostalgia and familiar, good feelings when I listen to them in my car.

    • Thanks for the recommendations, Kelley! I enjoy listening to books after I’ve read them: the audiobook adds another dimension to the story. Or it’s just a good way to get caught up on what’s happened in a series. :)

  9. I too don’t have a lot of time for audio book reading without the commute (but lordy, thank goodness). I do, however, manage to sneak it in when I’m cleaning house or going on longer road trips. Definitely A+ on the American Gods audio book suggestion! I also loved:

    – The Stand by Stephen King
    – The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon (honestly, I’m reading the second book and miss the audio so much)
    – A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
    – The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

  10. Yey, love this topic!! Let’s see, I am happy to see DoSB on the list, since both of those books have excellent narration :D. I also really like Divergent and The Hunger Games trilogy on audio. I’m finishing up The Infernal Devices right now and had trouble with the narration of the second book :( But the first and the third were good!

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