Kelly Reviews: Scattered Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

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Complex urban fantasy at its finest!

Scattered Magic (The Sidhe Collection #1) by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart
Genre: Urban fantasy
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Books in this series
1. Scattered Magic
2. Remnants of Magic


An act of treachery brings the Mounds, the fey realm, collapsing in upon itself. The survivors flee to the surface world, but modern day Ireland isn’t safe for the fey. Predators like vampires, Changelings, wizards, and enchanted humans are everywhere, and they all crave the Sidhe…

Two Sidhe strive to save the fey from extinction.

Donovan, a former assassin for the Unseelie Court, struggles to rescue the untrained Sidhe youths known as the earthborns from the clutches of those who feast upon their blood, bodies, and magic.

Lugh, Champion of the Sidhe and proponent of the Seelie Court, searches for the lost relics that might restore the fey realm, and the source of fey magic, before all the fey die of the Fade.

One human, cursed by the Touch of the Sidhe, fights to reclaim control of her life against the forces of magic that threatens to rip her apart.

My Thoughts

Holy crumb. This is my second time reading through this series (I read the serialized installments as they came out originally) and SO MUCH HAPPENS here. SO MUCH! Heartache, death, pain, torture, mourning… Okay, all that makes it sound like it’s all angst and betrayal but it’s GRIPPING angst and betrayal. You get to see a people on the verge of being destroyed by something they have no control over as the reality of Danu’s death forces them to wither and fade away. The unscrupulousness of lesser fey who feed off the ignorance of the young and weak is revealed with what happens to my very favorite character. *sniffle* A human who is cursed to crave the touch of a fey is driven to greater and greater lengths to fulfill her addiction. It’s like this giant cornucopia of Sidhe delights and I’m rolling around in the middle of it!

Who’s my favorite, guys? Is that what you’re asking? I’LL TELL YOU! Malcolm! MALCOLM’S MY FAVORITE! The kid is screwed up. His family didn’t teach him a thing about his heritage and he knows NOTHING about the fey when he ventures out on his own. And where does this lead him? To a nightmarish existence that scars him physically and emotionally until he can hardly tell which way is up. OMG! I LOVE THIS KID LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE!

Now, this isn’t all the Malcolm story. Donovan has his hands full finding and training the earthborn Sidhe while building a sanctuary against those that would use them. Lugh learns some startling truths about people he trusted while struggling to find a way to rebuild the Mounds and save the fey. And London… London caught the short end of the stick when she was shoved kicking and orgasming into the fey world. It’s a Touch thing. You’ll understand once you read it.

The world is big, the obstacles are almost insurmountable, and the task of saving all these bits and pieces just keep getting more tangled. Bring it, Sidhe! I’m ready. And get Malcolm a cookie while you’re at it. Poor kid.

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6 Responses to “Kelly Reviews: Scattered Magic by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart”

  1. Why haven’t I heard of this book before Kelly? WHY? It’s like it was written for me, I love tortured characters with a passion. I live for them and all their brokenness, so I’m thinking I will fall madly in love with Malcolm as well. I will so get him a cookie. And a hug. And whatever else he wants:)

    • No lie, Jenny, Malcolm will BREAK YOUR HEART! You’ll just want to find a way to make everything better for the poor kid. *pets Malcolm*

      I review the second part of the season next week and the upright, honorable guy begins a slow descent into darkness. IT’S AWESOME! I’m super giddy for season 2!

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