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Blogging is HARD. If you’ve ever searched for a road map only to come up empty handed, you’re not alone. (Re)Discovering the Basics chronicles one blogger’s (Gaby’s!) journey to finding her own way in the online world. Together, we’ll open the discussion on how we blog and what both new and established bloggers can learn from each other.

Amanda’s note: below you’ll find Gaby’s first guest discussion post. If you’d like to read the reasoning behind this discussion series, you can check out my interview with Gaby. I’ve opened up my blog to Gaby because many of the topics she’ll cover are topics that Blog Smarter helps you tackle–meaning I think they are worth talking about and exploring in discussion.

People can list a ton of reasons why they keep blogs. Personally? I think my reason boils down to BECAUSE I WANNA. Which might be my petulant, Veruca Salt way of saying: “Because book blogging allows me to take my very favorite hobby – reading – and make it a communal experience.”

Of course, creating a blog isn’t the only way to fill this need. I could have just joined a book club, but I didn’t. Because the need to blog goes back to the BECAUSE I WANNA answer. There’s a certain drive necessary to keep any kind of blog. You have to have the time, patience and desire to make all of this *gestures widely at Amanda’s beautiful blog* happen. You also have to have something you want to say. Since I’m me, I’ll never not have something to say (that’s right, I’m the one who rambles and doesn’t know when to shut up), so that helps.

So yeah, we’re all here because of the books. And getting ARCs is for sure an occasional perk of blogging. But ultimately, if you want to REALLY be happy blogging, wherever you blog or whatever you blog about, you need to be here BECAUSE YOU WANNA, not because of outside influences. Take five minutes, sit down and think about what’s really driving you to either start a blog or continue one you’ve been posting on for however long. Are you looking for community? Do you have the drive, the time and STUFF to say?

But since I know I’m not the authority on motivations for blogging, I outsourced a little. I got in touch with a couple of my FAVORITE bloggers. Each of these bloggers is from a different part of the world and have been blogging for different amounts of time. They are all lovely ladies, each with their own reasons for blogging, both similar and dissimilar to my own. Check out their reasons, contemplate mine and remember: no one can tell you you’re blogging for the wrong reasons. Just make sure you HAVE reasons, otherwise you might find yourself starting to hate something you once loved.

“I blog because it allows me to combine three of the things I love to do most: reading, writing and creating. All of these things I have been doing for as long as I can remember, or ever since I learned how. The fact that I can share my writing and graphics with other people makes me (a little scared, but) happy, and talking about books even more so. However, I wouldn’t still be blogging if it weren’t for the lovely comments I have gotten and amazing friends I have made. The book blog community is filled with wonderful people, and I don’t think I would have enjoyed blogging if it weren’t for that.”
– Judith @ Paper Riot

“It took me a while to come up with this because really there is so much to say about why I blog but I figure what it REALLY boils down to is the community. I know that this is mentioned time and time again but being able to talk to people about books is such a new thing for me and I’ve found it to be a really amazing experience. I’ve made some friends that I’m certain I’ll keep for life and I really love that. While receiving ARCs is exciting, it’s definitely not the reason I continue to blog and would definitely stick with blogging even if that perk was taken away. For me it’s about gushing about books I love with other book lovers, of bonding over similar quirks and habits, and of just fitting in when I never did before.”
– Faye @ A Day Dreamer’s Thoughts

“I joined a Book Club a few months ago and the girls kind of twisted my arm into starting a blog! To avoid feeling left out, I went with it! So far, I’ve been having a blast. I love having somewhere to not only keep track of the books I read, but also throw my thoughts and feelings down on the table for people that actually care! I love the bookish online community so much already. Twitter has been amazing for getting to know other bloggers and readers.  I’m also starting to incorporate some other interests of mine onto the blog, which has been fun. I like to show my readers there is more to me than just the books! Blogging is way more time consuming than I ever imagined, but I love it and plan to stick with it!!”
– Betty @ Book Rock Betty

Do you reasons match with mine? Do they fit better with Judith’s, Faye’s or Betty’s reasons? Leave some comment love below with YOUR reasons for blogging and remember: There is no ONE RIGHT reason: just make sure you know yours!

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  1. When I started: It was simply the best way to track what I was reading without bogging down my personal blog to much (didn’t even know there was a community).

    What I stuck with it: Honestly, I like the challenge of being a better reader, learning more about the technology, and keeping in touch with my book friends. So it boils down to: because I want too. In fact, in the past year that is my main reason for blogging. I cut out most of the “required too” stuff and I think I post more often (and better) content now. So “because I wanna” is working out for me BIG TIME!

  2. I think “I wanna” is my main reason, too. I mean, there are plenty of subreasons but because I like it and I want to hits the nail on the head.

    Hey, do you mind if I join your discussion via my blog?

  3. LOVE THIS POST! I know when I started it was because I wanted to and because I loved reading. Sure, I’d seen a lot of blogs before starting so I knew ARCS and other perks like that were out there and I’d be lying if I said those things weren’t swirling around in the mix with everything else, but what I didn’t expect at all was how much I’d crave this community. The bloggers and authors I adore are what keep me going. No ARC is tempting enough to keep me commenting on 30+ blogs every day because it’s work and it takes me nearly 2 hours in addition to all the other work on the blog I do, but I love it because I love these people. Reading is fun, but discussing books and fangirling all over them with my online friends is even better:)

  4. I came into blogging a bit more bullheaded I suppose. I had been following and loving blogs for a long time and wanted to get in on the action. For me, my blog is a portfolio that I can showcase to potential clients, a place where I can prove my street cred and interest in a subject. While the blog doesn’t have a crazy amount of followers, I do know that it’s landed some bigger and better roles along the way.

    It also helps me practice my writing in a completely nonpaid, and therefore, more free way.

    Of course, the business reasons are important, but I chose to do a book blog specifically because I love reading and felt like I had some things to say on the subject. Making friends in the blogging world has been a very exciting, unexpected development :D

    • I started my blog long before my business, but as my business grows and evolves, I’m finding ways to use my blog to further my business. It’s not what keeps me book blogging, but it does provide extra motivation.

      I often use On a Book Bender as a testing ground; I take what I learn, refine it if needed, and apply it to my business. (Though I often apply what I’ve learned about my business to my blog, so it goes both ways.)

      Making friends is one of THE BEST perks to blogging. I’d be lost without mine. :)

      • Business is DEFINITELY a good reason. I’ve been thinking about going into publishing for a while now – before I even started my blog – and soon after I started it my mom pointed out it’d be a good thing to have to prove my interest in a tangible way. I guess the thought was always in the back of my head, but it wasn’t WHY I started my blog. So like, it’s okay to have other, less emotional reasons for book blogging, but I think the emotional aspect is key as well!!

        Thanks for sharing Nikki!!

  5. I started blogging because I started doing book challenges. The easiest way to keep up with them is to blog. I have to admit that I like reading blogs and I winning free books as they give me more to read.

  6. This is definitely an important question for bloggers. You need to know WHY you are doing this or, as you state, the motivation call fall and your interest takes a nose dive. This can still happen even when we have a solid reason for blogging, but THAT REASON is what brings us back, most of the time.

    My reason is many, but I wanna do it because I want to share my love of books with other people who love books, too. :)

    • I like that!!! It’s always important to share what you love. Everyone always says you shouldn’t bottle up your feelings and I don’t think that only applies to NEGATIVE feelings. It’s definitely something that should go with positive ones as well!

  7. I started book blogging because I found that my personal blog had slowly transitioned over to ALL books. I originally started it with the intention of just having a place for ME to track my books. Somewhere along the way it morphed into my preciousssssss. I mean… what?

    Now, I think I’ve found my niche. I love writing and I love reading. Book blogging combines the best of both worlds for me. Added bonus: I totally found my partner in crime in Amanda. *huggles Amanda’s face*

  8. My reason for blogging these days is pretty similar to all of the above answers. I do it because I want to, because it allows me to share my thoughts on books and promote the HECK out of authors and books I enjoyed, and because of the wonderful community that it allows me to be a part of. I love blogging a whole lot.

  9. I like how Betty talks about incorporating her other interests in her blog. I’ve been starting to do that with my love for clothes and cooking and I love it! I think it’s great that every blog is so different and unique. Gaby’s definitely right though. You have to blog for the right reasons. Because when you don’t it becomes a chore and the quality of the experience goes down. I personally blog because I love html coding, love books, and love talking to people about what to read. Plus I wouldn’t know what to read next if I didn’t have all your bookish people helping me find new books!

    • I really like how you and Betty (and others) are expanding the blog content to include more of what you love. I think that’s REALLY important. AND YES to bookish people helping you find great next reads!!! I wouldn’t know what to pick without my blogging friends!

  10. Because I wanna sums it up pretty well. I started blogging pretty soon after I really got into reading, like reading a few books a week kind of reading. I was reading all these awesome books and I felt like I had so much to say about them, but few people who were willing to listen. I came across a book blog and thought, “hey, I can do that.” I pretty much sat down that night and wrote four or five reviews of books I’d recently read and uploaded them. Since, blogging has become an ENORMOUS part of my life. I love getting to know other bloggers, comparing opinions on books, just being nerdy together. It’s a lot of fun… so that’s why I blog.

    • I love the HEY I CAN DO THAT reflex. The first time I noticed the book blogging trend I didn’t think I could do it. But then I realized I could like a year later. SO I DID. I can’t tell if I’m really slow or still kind of smart… And yeah, the last three sentences of your comment basically sum up my life.

  11. I actually started my blog because I wanted one but didn’t really know why or what it would be about. I just kinda wanted my own little space on the internet. Then it sort of naturally fell together and I love it so much! :-) Even if I don’t always book blog, I’ll definitely always blog. Because I want to! I think BECAUSE I WANNA sums it up pretty well! :-)

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