Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles {Kelly’s Review}

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Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles {Kelly’s Review}Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles
Series: Deadwood Mystery #3
Also in this series: Nearly Departed in Deadwood, Optical Delusions in Deadwood, Better Off Dead in Deadwood
Genres: Ghost, Mystery & Detective, Paranormal, Romance, Women Sleuths
Pages: 404
Format: eBook
Source: Freebie

“Nothing good ever happens at the butt-crack of dawn. No doubt, the headless corpse on the autopsy table in front of me would agree.”–Violet Parker

Real estate agent, Violet “Spooky” Parker stumbles upon a body-part theft ring at the local funeral parlor and suspects her caustic coworker has a hand in it–or maybe a foot. Can Violet discover what’s in the crates the crooks are sneaking out of the mortuary in the dark of night? Or will she end up in one of them herself … in pieces?

Can’t get enough of this series!

My Thoughts on Dead Case in Deadwood

Holy smokes! I haven’t been this enamored of a series since… umm, well, it hasn’t been all that long BUT STILL! I am so enjoying the shenanigans these characters get into. I mean… Harvey and his love gel (fruit flavored because that’s what his lady friends like), best friend Natalie and her determination to see Violet paired up with the Detective despite Violet’s insistence that she wasn’t into him and he wasn’t into her (something I’m not too sure of), Doc’s ghostly visitations (not to mention his … stamina in the stairwell. And the bedroom. And the bean bag chair.) … all of it just makes me giddy. It’s fast-paced and sometimes silly and I’M HAVING SO MUCH FUN WITH IT!

Oh. OH! I can’t forget to talk about some speculations about Violet that were tossed around. Well, I won’t ACTUALLY talk about them because they’re the sort of thing that I think you have to experience for yourself but I will say that if Doc’s ideas are true, it’ll open a whole new world for Violet. And since what he’s saying makes sense… the next book should be VERY interesting. *smiles maniacally at everyone* Very.Interesting.

Once again, we have some nice setup for the next book/mystery. Violet helped the Deadwood PD tie up one investigation but a lot of questions were left unanswered and the ending… oh, the ending. Nothing comes easy in Violet’s world and things just look like they’re going to get even hairier in book 4.

*excited grin* Can’t wait!

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8 Responses to “Dead Case in Deadwood by Ann Charles {Kelly’s Review}”

  1. KELLY! STOP GETTING ME TO BUY BOOKS!! Sheesh. I really enjoyed the Nearly Departed in Deadwood and want to read the whole series, now! Shenanigans are a top reason to pick up a book.

  2. This series is 4th on my list for getting to this year! DANG IT! DANG IT!

    I wasn’t planning on it being this year but you just keep saying all these THINGS! THINGS that make me want to read it. It really might get moved up another notch!

    • I hadn’t planned on devouring this series like I did. But after reading the first book, I was gone. The writing is fun, the characters are fun, the things that happen are RIDICULOUSLY fun! You’ll have to tell me what you think of them once you start them!

  3. Sometimes I love silly Kelly. Sometimes I need it. It’s easy to forget reading is fun at times when all of a sudden you’re reading on a set schedule and writing reviews and dealing with all the blog stuff, so it’s nice to have a book or series that’s the perfect reminder of just why we started reading in the first place. I need to read this series! I need to know more about Doc’s stamina… :)

    • You are absolutely right. I think I’m lucky in that I read fast enough that I can squeeze in pure pleasure reading between the scheduled requests pretty frequently. But… yeah. It’s easy to forget that reading is supposed to be fun. FUN! Violet’s fun! Doc likes to have fun. Lots of fun, Jenny. ALL OVER THE PLACE. RAWR!