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Some of you may recognize this feature from 25 Hour Books.  I was in the market for a feature to showcase the book bloggers I simply can’t live without, Tara usually lets me do whatever I want if I pester her enough, and Who Am I Stalking? seemed appropriate. Win-win.  But please, no restraining orders are necessary.  Here’s what happens: every month, I choose a new victim and bombard them with six interview questions: five standard questions, and one specifically for the blogger the giraffe shifters and I are stalking.  Then I share their answers with you.

Michelle Muto

This month I’m being a little different and featuring an author instead of a book blogger. Why? Because I love authors, too. (Duh.) I met Michelle on Twitter very early on in my blogging career. (Is it a career? It is now.) We bonded over our love for dogs (dogs, ftw!) and I’ve been a strong supporter of Michelle and her books ever since.

Michelle currently has three books out: The Book of Lost Souls (Ivy McTavish, #1), Don’t Fear the Reaper (Netherworld, #1), and her latest, The Haunting Season. Check out my reviews for The Book of Lost Souls and Don’t Fear the Reaper.

1. Describe yourself in six words.

Nerd, silly, friend, imaginative, sister, wife.

2. What has been your most exciting moment as an author?

The first time I was able to pay the mortgage with my earnings. It meant that all the work I’d put into a story was working – that people were not only buying and reading my books, but that they enjoyed them enough to tell others.

3. What are the best books that you read in 2012?

Dean Koontz’s The Dead Town, Janet Evanovich’s Smokin’ Seventeen (hey, I’m behind a few novels), David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Revision & Editing by James Scott Bell. See? Total nerd girl.

4. Why is reading important?

As a reader, it clears my mind & lets me take a break from reality – at least my reality. It also helps me learn new things. As a writer, it helps me see what works and what doesn’t in the mechanics of a novel.

5. Of the books you’ve written, which one has the most of YOU in it?

Don’t Fear the Reaper. I totally understood Keely’s grief over losing someone she loved. There’s a scene with a dying man in it. That was taken from real life. Well, sans the reapers, of course.

6. In The Book of Lost Souls, Devlin the dog is based on your own dog, Ronan. Can you share with us one of your favorite Ronan stories?

How Ronan became the first Beezlepup:

I’ve had dogs and puppies before. But I’d never raised one quite like Ronan. At 10 wks, he could climb over baby gates. He dug in his water bowl. He was semi-nocturnal. Despite my best attempt at puppy-proofing, Ronan had a way to get into mischief – like getting his head caught between the deck railings. And there was the time he peed on my sister’s cashmere sweater.

We’d had him two or three weeks when we took him to the local coffee shop because they allow dogs outside on the patio. It was Sunday. Tasha, my other dog, is also with us and she’s being the good girl, laying at our feet quietly.  We live in the bible belt. For a short time, people were boycotting Harry Potter books in our county. Church had just let out and the place was full of church goers.

This woman who was seated at the far end of the patio sees Ronan and gets up and comes toward us. “What kind of dog is that?” she shouts from halfway across the patio.

I was tired of explaining to people what Ronan’s real breed was: a Shikoku. So, I sigh, because he’s been more Calvin than Ronan lately. Or at least, he’s been more like The Ronanator. I looked at Ronan. He looked back, beady little eyes, pointed ears on that red-sesame head of his. “He’s a Beezlepup,” I replied.

And the woman turned to face her husband and shouted across the patio, “George! He’s a Beezlepup! I think our neighbors have one, too!”

And every head whips around to see WHO has named a puppy after a the demon Beelzebub. And they didn’t look amused.

So… we gathered the hellhound and his angelic big sister and left. In a hurry.

The nickname Beelzepup just sort of stuck after that.

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7 Responses to “Who Am I Stalking? — Michelle Muto”

  1. I LOVE the Beezlepup story! Adorable puppies (who get into so much trouble!). Reading is soo important because, yes, it does allow us to take a break from reality (which moves way too fast). Great stalk!

  2. Beezlepup! HAHAHAHAHAH LOVE IT!!! I have many a story about our youngest boxer, he’s definitely a little devil to his brother’s angel. There’s always one problem child you know? I will definitely be checking out Michelle’s books, I hope you keep alternating this feature between authors and bloggers Amanda, it’s awesome:)

  3. I looked up the breed—what a wonderfully beautiful dog :)

    However, beezlepup can be joined by the tonkinator because Tonks has been a little mischief demon lately LOL :)

  4. While I could go for the puppy gushing, I’m totally going to go for GTD gushing because I’m a total nerd gal as well! Love this feature, and hearing this author’s personality here really makes me want to go out and read her books :D

  5. Thanks for hosting me, Amanda!

    Shirley – LOL! There are times when I can’t come up with a thing.
    Mary, Tara, Jenny – we’ve gotta love dogs, right?
    Felica – thanks for looking them up. Most people think I’m mispronouncing shih tzu.

    Niki – Oh! We could SO talk, girl!