The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy {Tara’s Review}

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The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy {Tara’s Review}The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Accidentals #3
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 341

Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics-and she’s a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she’s shocked when a man comes to one of her in-home parties-a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women’s color wheels.

When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn’t. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust-for Wanda. And he’s already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.

[From Amanda: Y’all know how much I love Tara, right? Well, this review is probably one of my biggest victories and a good step toward getting Tara back into blogging. Though Tara’s eventual goal is to get back to blogging at 25 Hour Books, I’ve offered up On a Book Bender as a way to ease back into the blogging world. Less pressure, more fun! With luck, you’ll be seeing more of Tara and her reviews in the future.]

Reminded me why I love reading.

Why did I read The Accidental Human? And am I glad I did?

** This review does NOT contain spoilers for previous books in the series! **

Holy cow… I read a book that wasn’t a reread AND I did it in a weekend!!

So I finally finished my Sookie reread and started the newest book… and then got depressed by it… and then saw reviews implying I’d hate the ending… so Sookie is going back on the shelf until the next book is released…

This led me to pick up something else. I’m not sure why this one came to mind. If I’m being honest, it could be because my Kindle was sorted alphabetically. Regardless, I saw the title and remembered how much I enjoyed the first two in the series. Real characters. Snarky laughs. Steamy alpha men. I was not disappointed.

Plot/Pacing/Writing Style

I had not read the previous books in the series recently and remember little from them. I didn’t need to. The paranormal aspects of the series aren’t really a main focus. Yes, the stories focus around people being thrown into the paranormal world, however, the mythology is simple in the best way possible. It’s the characters that steal the show.

The pacing in these books is slower with a lot of repetition. I’ve mentioned this in my earlier reviews. Does this get annoying? A little. Is it realistic? Without a doubt.


Wanda isn’t your typical tough leading lady. She’s demur. She’s come out of a bad marriage. She’s even a little older than your average 20-something heroine. When Wanda is faced with life-ending medical news, she finds herself bolder in an inspiring and candid way. This was not a character that I instantly clicked with (like Nina), but I found myself laughing and crying with her.

Heath is one smooth talking hunk with a very mysterious life. I liked the brief glimpses from his point of view. I really enjoyed how his story played out and how it fit in with the previous books. He wasn’t as perfect at Greg (who is?), but I desperately wanted things to work out for this couple.

Favorite Quotes

I was a little out of practice with highlighting…

“And all the ho’s in Ho-ville had latched onto him like he was their first French fry after the Cleanse, all doe-eyed and gushing”

“Lists comforted her – they gave her a sense of accomplishment – they meant she had control of something.” – Something I very much so have in common with Wanda!


I very highly recommend this series. If you can get past the realistic annoyances of the characters, you’ll love the snark and relationships.


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  1. I’m waiting on all the final Sookie before read the last few too. This one was no where on my radar, but characters are what drive my love for any story. I’ll look for it.

  2. WOOT WOOT! I actually love this series for its downright silly fun. The girls are great. Nina just cracks me the hell up. I need to get The Accidental Genie–I haven’t yet *sigh* *grumble* *bookbudget*

    (((( huggles ))))))

    I am totally doing the Sookie re-read right before the last one :) Where I predict Sookie will end up with S**.

  3. Excellent review Tara! I loved the cover and that made me read the review, and I’m glad I did. I hope to read more of your reviews here on this wonderful blog.

    Paul R. Hewlett


    I haven’t read any of the books in this series, but it’s good to know I could just start with this one if I wanted I love that I wouldn’t be lost. Gotta love a book that reminds you why reading is so much fun:)

  5. “So I finally finished my Sookie reread and started the newest book… and then got depressed by it… and then saw reviews implying I’d hate the ending… so Sookie is going back on the shelf until the next book is released…”

    TARA. I know this feeling. Sookie’s left with me with mixed feels, lately.

    This sounds… seriously fun. And cute. And squee.


  6. Tara Tara TARA!!!! I just stopped by her blog to see that she was making a tentative return to blogging, and I was so excited! I HAD to hop over here and give you props for coercing…err…encouraging…her return to blogging, Amanda! And say hi, of course! The new semester is in full swing, so obviously I’m back to being a crazy lady :)