Things That Make Me Happy

Posted 5 October, 2012 by Amanda / 24 Comments

Things That Make Me Happy

In August, Kelly wrote a post about things that make her happy. Because I think we tend to focus too much on negative happenings in the blogosphere, I want to take a moment to celebrate some POSITIVE aspects of blogging.

Top Off Tuesday comments

Seriously. As much as I love searching for Top Off Tuesday covers, reading (and responding to) your comments is THE BEST THING EVER. I sit there and cackle at my computer. Your comments are hilarious and make MY Tuesday brighter.

The connections and friendships I’ve formed through blogging

When I have a bad day, you all are there to commiserate with me and cheer me up. When I have a good day, you are there to celebrate with me. There is such a strong support from this community AND THAT MAKES ME HAPPY.


Well, you knew this had to be said. Kelly is my partner in crime  blogging and reading. We create challenges. We co-organize Bout of Books. Frankly, Kelly keeps me SANE. She gets me, supports me, listens to me rant and whine and complain (then helps me come back to reality and move on), and she motivates me to keep going. Also, we make each other laugh. I LOVE YOU, KELLY!

Knowing I’m not alone

Growing up, I was considered weird for reading as much as I did. But now I know that I am not alone. There are other people who are as crazy as I am (and in some cases, crazier, WHICH IS AWESOME, TOO) about books. There is something comforting in discovering that what made you “weird” is actually pretty normal for other people. Book blogging has made me proud to be a reader, not something I felt like I have to hide.


There is no way I can talk about what makes me happy about blogging and not mention books. I mean, I have always loved books. But blogging has opened up a WHOLE NEW BOOK WORLD for me. There are so many books that I never would have found or wanted to read if it weren’t for blogging. I think I appreciate and love books more than I ever have now that I’m blogging and connecting with fellow book lovers.

What aspects of blogging make YOU happy?

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24 Responses to “Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. *blushes* Oh, you!

    I love it when the perfect set of words comes together and I can incorporate such phrases as “patented blowjob distraction technique” or “cat shifter masturbatory theater” into a review and have it make all the sense in the world.

    I like it when you tell me to go to the library bookstore because I tempted you into buying a kindle book earlier that morning.

    I love our GLA reviews — we’re forced to read both the good and the bad erotica.

    Twitter conversations.

    Finding that one book that makes your world spin.

    Seeing “THINGS HAPPEN” and “Oh, book!” in a review.

    *huggles you*

    • When I was cross posting my reviews to Goodreads, I realized “Oh, this book!” was a common phrase I used when I really liked a book. Ha. THIS BOOK! THINGS HAPPEN in this book!

      “Finding that one book that makes your world spin.” — YES. That is AWESOME. *goes off in search of one such book*

  2. While I may not have a 100 comments per blog post, having someone say I picked this book up because I read your review or I got your blog bookmarked makes me happy. It’s good thing to remember that I’m not just talking to myself when I post. LOL

    Also just learning about new authors, genres that I would have never tried on my own. I’ve learned so much from blogging!

    Happy Friday, Amanda. :)

    • Rummanah, I definitely agree about the comments! It’s more about quality than quantity, I think, and hearing that people enjoy your blog and reviews never gets old.

      Yes! There are so many books and genres that I don’t think I would have ever touched if I weren’t blogging.

      Happy Friday to you, too! And have a great weekend! :)

  3. WHAT AN AWESOME POST AMANDA! Love this idea, you and Kelly are brilliant. I totally want to do a “what makes me happy” post. I’m with you 100% on knowing you’re not alone, there’s nothing better than finishing a great book or a book that makes me go “what the hell?” and knowing I have a whole community to run to who will talk to me about it. <3 <3 <3

    Also, the comments on Top Off Tuesday definitely make my day as well. As do the covers. So much win.

    • Yes! That’s totally how I felt when I read Kelly’s post! I think having a list like this is good because it’s something to refer back to if I’m struggling or frustrated. Oh! And yes to running to people who will understand! I seem to recall one particular time last year when I had to discuss Drink Deep with you. (Speaking of which, I have yet to read Biting Cold. What is WRONG with me?)

  4. I love this post. It made ME happy, and that is one of the best things about blogging, for me: YOU and all the other fabulous people I’ve befriended.

  5. I love that blogging pushes my reclusive little self out into the world and for all the fabulous friends that I’ve made.
    Some days it’s only my blogger friends that help me make it through.

    Great post!

  6. You’ve all pretty much already said it! I don’t have nearly as much of an audience as you all do, but I love your and Kelly’s bantering, and that I can jump in and that you answer me! :D I’m pretty introverted in general and book blogging and Twitter has let me expand my reading social circle, which is pretty amazing considering it’s a pretty much solitary activity!

    *hugs* all around! Thanks for being awesome ya’ll! And letting me watch! ;)

  7. LOVE THIS!! You’re such a smarticus. I truly adore the Top off Tuesday (haven’t participated yet but…the comments alone are to die for!).

    And I completely agree about the bookish friends. No one IRL reads as much as I do so it’s nice to know there are other crazy book fiends out there!

    • The comments are definitely my favorite part of Top Off Tuesday. Though I’ll be a big girl and admit that sometimes I purposely find the most outrageous cover I can, just to encourage outrageous comments.

      In some ways, I think blogging has strengthened my love of reading, just because I can connect with other readers. :)

  8. Awww … what a great post, Amanda!!

    I don’t participate in ToT, BUT I love reading the comments for them … it makes me want to participate!

    And Kelly! I think I love her a little, too. :)

    I think the relationships is something that makes me super happy. Like you say, when you’re having a down day or something, there are people there for you! I love it!

    And the books! Without blogging, I don’t know where I would be reading-wise. I definitely know that I wouldn’t be reading half of the books I’ve read in the past year, OR would I be reading as many books that I’ve read. And I love it so much! Getting swept up in a series or an author and being able to share that love with other people who feel the same way? Awesome.

    Thank you for sharing this!! :)

    • Heh. You don’t have to participate in ToT to enjoy the comments. Or the covers. :) That’s the beauty of it!

      I definitely read more books than I would if I weren’t blogging. And it is AWESOME. :)

  9. I just love your conversations on Twitter!! You, Kelly, Kristilyn, Smash and Geeky make my day when you guys get going!! Thanks for “letting” me intrude (HA!).

    Seriously, awesome post!! I wish more peeps would be grateful for the great community we get to play in.

    • *finger guns* You’re very welcome. I do enjoy my Twitter conversations.

      “I wish more peeps would be grateful for the great community we get to play in.” <--- This. I think that is why it's important for me to post things like this. If I focus on the positive, maybe others will, too. :)

  10. *huggles*

    You know what makes ME happy? THIS POST! *jumps up and down*

    And this: ” I know that I am not alone. There are other people who are as crazy as I am (and in some cases, crazier)” And I’m leaving of the end of the sentence ‘about books’, because I seriously love how MAD everyone is in this group of insane book lovers, and… it’s like finding the group of friends you always wanted in real life, and like BELONGING, and and and…

    Your post is WONDERFUL. WONDRFUL.