In Denial: Free Erotica

Posted 28 September, 2012 by Amanda / 18 Comments

*clears throat awkwardly*

I’m addicted to reading free erotica.

But it gets worse. I like the good and the bad erotica.

The good erotica? It’s gooooooood. By the end of the story, everyone is satisfied. I’m a big proponent of everyone leaving the story satisfied.

But the bad erotica is laughable and entertaining in and of itself. Without bad erotica, I wouldn’t be able to find phrases like “her pleasure hole” or go on Grand Literary Adventures with Kelly.

Without bad erotica, it’s just not as easy to appreciate all the well-written, entertaining self-published books out there–erotica or otherwise. (In other words, free bad erotica makes me realize how bad some books can get and it properly readjusts my expectations.)

What are YOU addicted to?

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18 Responses to “In Denial: Free Erotica”

  1. LOL–this made me laugh so hard! Especially thinking back to your reviews of the..ahem…really bad erotica…oh, the tentacles! They’re everywhere! And short women with beards! And sticks!

    • Not going to lie, Mary: there is bad erotica, and then there is the really bad erotica. You know, the ones that make you go, “WTF did I just read?” (Or, basically every one that I’ve read with Kelly. We’re reading another tentacle sex book today!)

  2. There’s nothing wrong with bad erotica. Prince Snow and Rapunzel wouldn’t have bonked like bunnies and then ridden a deer to completion without it.

    And, you know, if you ever need any… *whispers* I’ll hook you up.

  3. Sam

    Hmm… I’m addicted to free ebooks. I’m always on the hunt for more even though I got like 700 titles on my kindle. Most of them are romance and erotica so in a way I’m addicted to erotica too. In fact, when it comes erotica, I’m open to reading about anything. ANYTHING.

  4. Free ebooks are good and it seems that there is a LOT of free erotica out there. I love that you’re admitting your addiction because you make ME want to read half of these stories you read — especially some from your great literary adventures! And you’re so right — reading the bad ones really makes you appreciate the good ones. There can be some CRAZY bad ones out there!

    I might have to check some of your recommendations out — tentacles, anyone?

  5. Oh my god, this made me laugh because I’m the same. I stumbled upon this free book on Amazon, A Touch of Greek from the Out of Olympus series by Tina Folsom. I think I got the link from Twitter. I’m a big mythology fan and just finished the Percy Jackson series, so I went for it not knowing it was erotica. DEFINITELY not like Percy Jackson, haha. But lo and behold, I read it all. Not bad if I’m being honest. Bad erotica is the best for a laugh.

  6. I think there are lots of peeps in denial. If you are into free ebooks, there is a good chance your big toe (at least) is in that end of the pool. Satisfaction is the name of the game. Satisfaction at all costs…to tentacle or not to tentacle.