What the Giraffe Shifter?!

Posted 2 June, 2012 by Amanda / 19 Comments

Funny Pictures - Surprise Giraffe

If I have responded to your comment on my blog, or you’ve seen my ramblings on Twitter, you know I talk about the giraffe shifters.  And, unless you’re Kelly, you probably have no idea what the big deal is about giraffe shifters or why I even talk about them.

Well, wonder NO MORE!  I am here to address your curiosity (or, alternatively, your slightly horrified fascination).

It all started with Kelly’s niece (who is lovingly referred to as the Nieceling).  Though I am no longer sure about the specifics, we were discussing the different types of shifters, and I believe the Nieceling asked me about shifters other than the “usual” shifters (e.g., wolf) and in my infinite wisdom, I blurted out giraffe.  I was egged on by the above picture and this one (which must have been on lolcats around the same time):

funny pictures - yeah, you keep walkin, duck...

And the giraffe shifter was born.

Later our conversation turned to deer stalkers.  (trust me, this is related, just HOLD ON)   Mostly, again, because of another picture.  I do love the lolcats page.

funny pictures - Hi-de-ho neighbor!

See?  Deer stalker.  This led to a conversation about how I had a deer stalker once — seriously, she was standing right outside my window — and I named her Jane.  Then I made the connection of deer stalker  –> stalkers need to be able to look into windows –> giraffes have long necks –> GIRAFFES WOULD MAKE GOOD STALKERS.

This is when the giraffe shifter took on a life of its own.

Honorable shifter mention: the hippo shifter (great for enforcement and sitting on people, but tends to be cranky a lot)

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19 Responses to “What the Giraffe Shifter?!”

  1. This just made my morning, I remember you guys talking about giraffe shifters during the read-a-thon lol. Lolcats is awesome :)

  2. You’re so silly! I guess that’s one of the reasons I like you so much! :)

    It would be pretty cool to be a giraffe shifter. Not very practical, but they sure are awesome.

  3. Suddenly I spit milk out my nose!

    This post just cracked me up when I read it on Sunday/Saturday (this weekend all blended together)