Blogoversary: Ruby’s Predictions for the Future

Posted 2 May, 2012 by Amanda / 19 Comments

Today we have Ruby of Ruby’s Reads continuing the blogoversary celebration.  Today is the last day of guest posts, and tomorrow is the last day of the celebration, when On a Book Bender actually for real turns 1.

Wait–How Long Did You Say I’ve Been Blogging?

As Amanda’s blogging senior of eight (nine?) months, I am naturally a font of bloggy wisdom. Therefore, when she approached me thusly: “O, Great One, I beseech thee, give me guidance on this, my second year of blogging,” (accompanied of course, by the ritual offering of #NakedWerewolves and the obeisance that was naturally due to me), I responded:

“My child, the sophomore year of blogging is a sacred time. Cherish it, and it will cherish you.”

And, my friends, what truth I spoke! In the second year of your blog, I predict the following things:

  1. You will really, truly, begin to see the fruits of your labor. You’ve seen them before, but now? They will smack you upside the head and then smile beatifically at you.
  2. The feeling of constantly playing catch-up will lessen. It won’t entirely disappear, but by this time, you’ll be more familiar with blogging events you missed out on because you didn’t even know about them until they were happening. There will also be less of that interminable “WoW? TSC? SEO? WTF IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW?!” head-in-hands panicking.
  3. You’ll realize that you’ve made friends, and formulated friendships. Seriously, this is the time to reflect on those first days of blogging when you didn’t know anyone, and to repay the kindnesses that bloggers showed you during your newbie days.
  4. Now that you have been blogging for a year, you’ll have a readership. For me, the year mark was when I finally stopped putting so much pressure on myself to “get my name out there.” I don’t mean I stopped worrying about it completely, or that I don’t continue to feel bad when I lose followers or people unsubscribe (I freaking wish they didn’t send me an email every time someone did), but that it’s become easier to content myself with organic growth. To wit: I predict that you will feel a zillion times more comfortable letting your content speak for itself in year two.
  5. My final prediction is that you’ll realize that there’s still a lot to learn. The learning curve may not be as steep as it once was, but there will be goals to set and aspirations to achieve. Your blog is a living thing. It needs nourishment and TLC. What I’m saying is: Huggle your blog. You both deserve it. Congrats on your first blogoversary!

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19 Responses to “Blogoversary: Ruby’s Predictions for the Future”

  1. Ruby thou art wise beyond your years and I spend my days praying for the opportunity to meet you so that I may genuflect in person and pledge my undying love.

    Really brilliant advice my friend, I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Especially #3 and #4 – This 2nd year of blogging I’ve definitely felt more comfortable with everything including talking to other bloggers and the fact that the blog is what it is. I’m never going to be that go-to enormous blog. And that’s fine, I now know that I don’t want to be. I just want people to enjoy reading the blog and I want to enjoy all my blogger friends:)

    • Ruby

      So, when we finally meet, we’ll both be genuflecting and pledging our undying love? Okay, awesome. People will stare and others will be all, “Oh, pish, that’s just Jenny and Ruby.” And the first people will say, “Do they just stand around and tell each other how much they love the other’s blog?” And the reply would be, “Yes. They’ve been at it for a couple of hours. Just tell them Nalini Singh is in the banquet hall talking about Hawke and they’ll stop.”

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with thy wise one. You have done a LOT in your first year of blogging, so the only way to go is up! Keep doing what you do. ♥

    • Ruby

      The tingles come free with the advice, but personally, I think anyone who blogs has advice to offer, because we have all had different experiences.

  3. I loved this!

    Seriously it is all so true :) The year mark is when you feel settled but also that you have so much to learn and embrace.

    Great blog Ruby!

  4. Very, very astute observations, Rubes! I think I’ve felt all of these at some point in my sophomore year. I’ve felt less pressure to post perfectly on schedule all the time out of fear I’ll drive away mad droves of readers. I’ve settled into the feeling that a select few of you bloggy friends will ALWAYS be there for me, which is way more of a comfort than can ever be properly expressed.

    I’m super excited to see where things take you this year Amanda!

    • Yes, and making this list made me super-excited to see what’s in store for us in year three! I (almost) can’t wait.

  5. Oh wise one! Ruby, you gave some good advice. The first year is slightly insane with all there is to learn in the book blogging world. There are so many events and interactions that it can be a bit overwhelming. After that first year though things really do start to settle in and you start to know what you like, what you can pass over and what you should be really excited for!

    Great post and advice!!