Blogoversary: Amy Thinks Book Bloggers are Awesome

Posted 2 May, 2012 by Amanda / 17 Comments


Amy @ bookgoonie asked me if she could do her guest post in vlog form, and I said, “Heck yes!”  After watching it, I’m doubly glad she did and I think you will be, too.  It embodies everything I love about book bloggers.

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Now, in her vlog, Amy mentions that she’s waiting for her membership card to the #NakedWerewolf Society.  Well, Amy… since you were kind enough to make such an awesome vlog for my blogoversary, I have a little something for you (courtesy of Kelly):

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17 Responses to “Blogoversary: Amy Thinks Book Bloggers are Awesome”

  1. I was hoping…praying…promising to sacrifice my 2nd born if necessary. Oh, Happy Day!!! It’s going on the wesute as soon as I get home. I have arrived. I have arrived.

    Happy Blogo Week ;D Friend

  2. That was a great vlog and I agree with everything Melissa said :) My favorites are the Gs (generous and genius). Bloggers are those things and it still blows my mind how kind and clever and hardworking bloggers are!

    Congrats on Melissa officially being inducted into the #NakedWerewolf Society!

  3. I *heart* this!

    Seriously you were dead on about everything!

    I feel like I should start the

    Give me a..


  4. Ah! I can’t watch this one while I’m at work! But I’m with her–WHERE IS MY #NAKEDWEREWOLF SOCIETY CARD? ‘Cause there’s just nothing like a lovely #nakedwerewolf…