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Today I have Felicia, the Geeky Blogger here to talk about how blogging has affected her reading habits.  And then she has a special something something for you!

Howdy Y’all!

I am so happy to be crashing at Amanda’s pad for today.  I am also thrilled to be talking about one of my favorite subjects: Reading and how it has changed since I started blogging.  I have been at blogging for 3.5 years so parts of the changes are blogging based and some are technology/industry based. Before I get started I wanted to throw at a quick thank you to Amanda for letting me ramble!

A little bit about me:  I have been blogging for 6 years but finally split my book blog off to its own entity 3.5 years ago.  When I started my book blog, I had no idea that there was a book blogging community.  I started it to track how many books I could read in the year.  I had no idea that people would read my blog so I didn’t put much thought into what I was reading or what I thought about the books.  A lot has changed over the years (to be expected) but what changed the most were my reading habits.  I have to say that truly shocked me!


  • I would browse books in bookstores relying heavily on the back cover blurbs and covers to make my purchasing/reading decisions.
  • I would get frustrated that my favorite genre (PNR) was very limited on the shelves at the bookstore.  I would have to hunt and hunt to find the books that I needed.  This was a particular problem with series.  I would read out of order (hated it) or just stock pile till I could find them all.
  • I would pretty much buy whatever PNR books were out because I wasn’t sure if I would see them on the book shelves again.  My reading was solely based on what was available.
  • I only had a few friends and family members that I could talk to about books.  They would usually wait for me to read something and tell them if it was good.
  • The only other genre I read was Mystery/Thrillers but the same problem reared its ugly head: finding all the books in the series and being very limited in choices. I really hated that my reading was limited to few choices.


  • I now find most of books through book bloggers, goodreads, or library thing.  (NOTE: I didn’t even know about goodreads or library thing before book blogging.  These were probably my favorite finds in my first year). They have changed (forever) how I pick books to read.
  • I have discovered and fell in love with genres that I wouldn’t have even glanced at prior to book blogging. My genres now include horror (never saw that coming), contemporary romance (huh? I hated that), historical romance (reliving my original falling in love with romance), zombies (never saw that coming either), mystery/thrillers (making a huge comeback in my world), independents (never knew they existed), and YA (which I would have NEVER even looked at if not for book blogging).
  • I have an expanded group of friends to chat about books and that has a direct impact on my reading.  I bump up books on my TBR whenever a friend says that it rocked or is a “must” read.
  • I plan reads with friends so that we can discuss a book! I would have never done this previously.
  • I branch out of my comfort zone way and very seldom question doing it.  Ok, I still question it occasionally with YA but I try to be way more open minded.
  • I kind of quit reading mysteries/thrillers for a while (which made me sad) because of the overload of choices that I found through book blogging! That is a negative in my estimation but I am changing that as we speak!

Book Blogging has changed my reading practices drastically and in most cases for the better.  I realize that part of that comes with advancement of technology: more people being online, ereaders, authors being more accessible online to promote their books, availability of books to be shipped with little or no shipping costs, and social networking.  There is a chance that some of the changes in my reading habits would have been organic to the times but I believe that book blogging accelerated that change.  I also believe that book blogging has made me a better reader.  I appreciate books and the act of reading more!  Reading not only fulfills its number 1 goal of entertaining me but now it has the added pleasure of sharing my joy with others.

So how has book blogging (or reading book blogs) changed your reading habits?

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50 Responses to “Blogoversary: Felicia on Reading and Blogging”

  1. So glad to see Felicia on here! She’s one of my favorite bloggers. :)

    Book blogs have definitely changed the way (and how much I read). Like you, Goodreads has been an invaluable asset in tracking what I read and figuring out what to read next. I would say that I pick out books from bookstores and libraries now almost entirely based on reviews and things I’ve heard around the book blogosphere! That, and my to-read list is pretty much hopeless by now. I’ll never run out of books to read! Lol.

    • Felicia

      LOL aka the Operation TBR! I don’t ever expect it to go away but occasionally I would like to make a dent :)

  2. Janhvi

    Reading book blogs has exposed me to many new genres of books which I easily would have ignored or overlooked in the past.They keep me up to date with the latest happenings in the book world and there are so many interesting reads out there that you definitely should give each one of them a try :)

    • Felicia

      News around the book world is something I think I was completely oblivious too before blogging. I would hear things here or there but nothing like now!

      Of course, that also means sometimes I am waiting a year for a book LOL

  3. Christina K.

    I love book blogs because I get to find out what great books are out there, and I especially love character interviews:)

    I love reviews because books I thought I wouldn’t like, I end up reading because of the reviews and absolutely love!

    • Felicia

      I love reading other people’s reviews of books that wouldn’t have crossed my radar. I seriously turned into a zombie freak because of book reviews. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on authors I would have never looked twice at!

  4. Now I mostly find books through Goodreads and I love to chat on GR and on my blog about books.
    But I still like to talk with “real” people about my books, and browsing bookstores and libraries is still fun, too. :)

    • Felicia

      I just didn’t know many real people to talk to about books. I am, oddly enough, not the kind that before would have just struck up conversations with people in a bookstore. Now though, I feel sorry for people who run into me in a bookstore and even look like they want to talk. I am all about book conversations.

  5. Such a great post!! Book Blogging really has changed the way I pick books, the way I think about the books I’m reading (I pay much closer attention, rather than just reading mind fluff where I can zone out and forget what I’ve read) and made it more fun in general! I love having a community of like minded people!

    -Jac @ For Love and Books

    • Felicia

      Totally agree! It is great this little community of ours :) There is a niche for everyone and I love that we cross-pollinate!

      (anyone seen Grease 2 and have the song Reproduction in their head now? LOL–sorry tangent)!

  6. Book blogging has totally changed me. I was like you…I would browse blurbs, book covers, & Times Bestseller list. Now I rarely pick up a bad book, have buddies to read with, and my piles & purchases have grown to obscene levels. Thanks Felicia & Amanda for impacting my life & my book reading.

  7. erinf1

    Thanks for such a fun post!!!!

    Everything you just said!!! As strictly a reader, when I discovered the book blogs it totally blew open my world. Now I’m exposed to genres and authors I otherwise would never hear of. I love book reviews and now hardly ever buy a book that I end up not liking. It’s so much fun reading interviews of authors and characters and getting to know them better. I’m always up to date on the newest releases and upcoming debuts. I think, too, I was able to fully enjoy my Kindle more, b/c now I know what are good Indie/self pub books b/c of the blogs :)

    • Felicia

      YES! The Indie/Self Pub thing is the biggest thing that I would have NEVER SAW otherwise. It is just so awesome :) It totally gives me so many more choices than I would have otherwise had!

  8. “I would get frustrated that my favorite genre (PNR) was very limited on the shelves at the bookstore. I would have to hunt and hunt to find the books that I needed. This was a particular problem with series. I would read out of order (hated it) or just stock pile till I could find them all.”

    YES! I had that exact same problem Felicia! I’d just stand in the romance aisle for what felt like hours and could never find any of the books I wanted. I’ve read the Dark Hunter series completely out of order because those books are never all there. I started with Acheron which I think is book 15. Oops:)

    I think the biggest change for me is going in and recognizing all the books on the shelves. Before, I’d just peruse and see what was available, but now I know exactly what I’m looking for and all the books on the shelves look familiar. I kind of like that:)

    • Felicia

      The Dark Hunter series is the one I stock piled and read back to back! Seriously I think I had to hit like 20 stores to find all the books up to Acheron! As it was, I think I read them out of order anyway because I couldn’t find a definitive list on how they should be read!

      I love that now I know about books I haven’t even read yet! I can go in and say “Oh Jenny loved that one! Natalie loved that one! Amanda loved that one! ect). I feel an emotional connection to books on the shelves now!

  9. Rain Maiden Jen

    I’m like you Felicia in that blogs have opened my eyes to new genes that I would never consider. I also love that when I hang around the blogging community, you get to hear about the good stuff first. I love being with people who enjoy the same passions as I do. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Felicia

      That is the greatest thing ever—the new genres to me :) I really have enjoyed reaching out of my comfort zone!

  10. YES! I could say almost the exact same thing about my reading habits, Felicia. I never imagined that Contemporary could work for me. I mean, why read about RL, when whole new worlds are waiting to be discovered, so I was completely surprised to learn that I actually love the genre.

    At this point, I’ve picked up so many recommendations for book bloggers, that I even have some duplicates. I really need to figure out how to stop doing that.

    Great guest post. I agree, book blogging has made me a more appreciative reader, too.

    • Felicia

      I totally love that contemporary romance is on my list now though seriously I wouldn’t have thought that was possible. I just thought it was something that I could be like: NO WAY that could happen. Now I love it, adore it, and want to cuddle it forever :)

  11. Great post Felicia! Yes, I agree with so many of your points. My reading habits jave changed so much and now I buy books based on recommendations and not based on blurbs and covers.
    I love the blogging community and am excited that I have made so many new friends, like you :)

    • Felicia

      Me too! I love my new friends! It makes reading so much more fun when you can say something random and at least 10 people know what you are talking about! :) :) :)

      (It doesn’t work that way around my office at work–I say something random they look at me like I am crazy LOL)

  12. mimz

    Well, one thing has definitely changed – I am reading more and more. lol And to be honest, before I started reading and frequenting book blogs I wasn’t so familiar with YA, it’s like I’ve found a whole new world.

    • Felicia

      YA is a whole entity all it’s own. I never realized just how big and encompassing it was :) When I was a teenager there might have been 4 choices LOL

  13. I’ve noticed very similar things with my reading habits too, only I worked mostly from the library (which seems even *less* likely to carry the entire series of something sometimes) and I never could keep track of what I wanted to read next. Now I hardly ever browse – I order things online through the inter-library loan program, and I have a huge list of what I want to read, so I never have to wonder what to search up next. I also find myself reading a lot more recent titles that I probably wouldn’t have noticed right away at the library. One thing I definitely would like to work on, though, is the community thing. I’m generally pretty quiet and shy with strangers in real life, and that kind of crosses over into blogging – I rarely ever commented, even on the posts that I really liked, because I felt like what I had to say wasn’t that important, or was just kind of inane “YEAH! Great post” you know? I’ve been really pushing myself lately to comment on everything I read and try to make friendships better, and so far it’s working! It’s also resulting in really long comments… sorry!

    • Felicia


      Long comments are great!

      I totally get that TBR to be added to the TBR! If I ever win the lottery the book stores are going to be singing to the heavens at the sales that they will have!

  14. Blogging has me reading TONS more books than I used to read. My Goodreads account had maybe a handful of books for each year before blogging, and now it has over a hundred. CUH-RA-ZEE.

    I think it also really showed me the depth of genre fiction. A lot of bookstores stock the same books, and it wasn’t until I started blogging that people pointed out tons more series within all kinds of genres. It’s awesome, but also overwhelming!

    Great post Felicia!

    • LOL on the Goodreads!

      It is probably one of my favorite reading tools for tracking books. Though I use FictFact to keep up with the release calendar and series tracking!

  15. Well to start, I discovered YA. That has opened up so many new things for me. I had no idea it existed before. I am obviously keeping track of my reading. I don’t know how many books I read a year but I know that it was not the 150 odd books I did last year.

  16. Even though I haven’t been blogging nearly as long as you, I followed a very similar path–split my writing blog and reading blog; unfamiliar with blogging world (I started mine to encourage my students to read); learned as I went.

    I love your blog–you’re developed it into a fun, interactive book blog that’s one of my very favorites! :) Fab interview, Felicia.

    • (((( Huggles ))))))) *heart* you to Mary!

      Isn’t it funny how this little world was here just waiting to be discovered? For me, it was a fantastic discovery. I treasure it every day!

      Very cool that you started in order to get your students to read! Teachers are so under appreciated and yet they should be national heroes!

  17. I think blogging has made me a more conscious reader. I definitely read with a reviewer’s eye now, even when I know I won’t actually be doing so. It can be a huge pain sometimes, especially when I find myself formulating sentences as though I WILL be writing a review–while I’m reading.

    I also think that blogging has made me more selective about what I read. Mostly that’s by necessity. I can’t just pick up whatever anymore. I have to prioritize–and sometimes that means putting review books first–and sometimes that means not picking up that book I’m only mildly interested in. For non-review books, this means I’m more willing to set what I’m not enjoying aside than I was BBB.

    • You know I think I have gone full circle on that—for awhile I read everything with a reviewer’s eye. That totally makes even your best reads completely different that BBB.

      Now I am back to not reading everything that way but it took awhile (and a break) to make me go back to “fun” reading. Now the only ones I am more critical with are the few review books I do :)

  18. Well, as a reader I add a lot more books to my reads list now than I did before I started following book blogs. It’s better than than only having to read book blurbs for future purchases. Great post!
    Thank You for a chance to win!

  19. It’s caused me to read, and read, and read… it’s also given me the incentive to review pretty much every thing I read. It’s a vicious cycle, but I really do love every minute of it ;)
    Congrats on a year Amanda! Mine comes up in June…. yikes!

    • I have noticed that each year I have read more than the year before! Totally rocks but I totally think I am going to hit a wall soon LOL

  20. Michelle

    Reading book blogs has really changed my reading habits. It has introduced me goodreads and increased my TBR pile to 100s. It has also introduced me to loads of new authors and some wonderful series! Not to mention enjoying all the wonderful review by bloggers – oh and my spending habits, I now need to allow for a larger book budget :)