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When Alexa from Pages of Forbidden Love  approached me about offering a giveaway for my Blogoversary, and after I picked myself up off the floor and thanked her profusely, we began to plan what to do.   My love for the Elder Races series is pretty well documented.  I have bullied people into reading this series.  I have actually squealed over this series, and I am not a squealer.  That alone should tell you how much I love it.  So when Alexa let me choose what I wanted to do for the giveaway, I said: let’s make it about the Elder Races series.  How could I resist?

In case you’re new to On a Book Bender, and you’re not aware of my rabid fan girling over this series, below is an excerpt of what I wrote for Ruby’s Reads’ Book Bully Week back in January.

Thea Harrison writes love stories that make your chest constrict and your breath escape you. These are the kind of stories that force you stay up late at night reading because you simply cannot put the book down. But the Elder Races series is far more than a collection of love stories. The Elder Races world is masterfully built and expanded upon with each successive book, with intricate details that weave the normal and paranormal together so tightly, it is impossible not to be sucked in.

The Wyrkind, Light and Dark Fae, the Demonkind, the Nightkind, Elves, and human witches make up the Elder Races. Dragon Bound, the first in the series, starts us off with an introduction to the Wyr… and Dragos. You will want to meet Dragos. I’m not given to staking claim on delicious male characters, but I have to admit that Dragos tempts me.

Storm’s Heart expands on our knowledge of the Wyr with Tiago and introduces us more fully to the Dark Fae. Serpent’s Kiss has more Wyr (really, they are all quite appetizing) and the Nightkind. Oracle’s Moon, which will release in March, will feature the Demonkind and human witches. Though it may sound complex and confusing, Thea Harrison makes the Elder Races world real and accessible to the reader. Not just accessible, but addictive and compelling. I’m not sure it is ever possible to get enough.

If this is not enough to convince you to pick up this series, then allow me to add that Dragon Bound was one of the first paranormal romances that convinced me to continue picking up books within the paranormal romance genre. And, perhaps more importantly, reading Dragon Bound — and this entire series — reminds me why I so love a good romance story. Without realizing it, I had lost interest in romance novels. Dragon Bound revived it, and the rest of the series continues to keep it alive.

But what makes this series even better (as if it were possible) is that each story is unique to itself. Some have said that the latter two books cannot live up the first; I say that the characters in each book are distinct individuals with stories written solely for them. The strength of Thea Harrison’s writing is that you get the same breathtaking love story, but with characters that are a force unto themselves. They are unforgettable. This, I find, is perhaps one of my favorite aspects about the series, and how other series fall flat in comparison. These characters will worm their way into your heart and stay there long after you close the pages.

And now I want to turn the blog over to Alexa:

After reading how much Amanda loves this series how could you not want to dive right in!?

Of course I had heard from several bloggers over the past half a year how amazing the Elder Races series really is and I kept putting it off. I simply refused to purchase this one because I thought it would be too perfect of a romance if so many people liked it. I guess a combination of other bloggers and Amanda even giving paranormal romance a shot for this series lead me to purchasing the first two books recently. Although I have yet to read them I do think Amanda helped to Book Bully me into at the very least buying the books to put them on my TBR Pile. After seeing how much passion she has for this series it is going to move up to closer to the top of my pile.

Now I am giving you a chance to be Book Bullied as well! I’m offering up the winner’s choice of any one book in the Elder Races series. This way whether you are new to the series and want to try it out or you are just waiting for the newest book you can win it here.

This giveaway is international as long as The Book Depository ships to your country!

Don’t forget to wish Amanda a Happy One Year Blogoversary!

Thank you Amanda for including me in your celebration!
(thank you for being awesome, Alexa!)

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26 Responses to “Blogoversary: Beginning Fun with Alexa”

  1. I totally let her influence (*clears throat* bully) me into buying the 1st 2 books in the series. I haven’t read them yet, but I think there might be a dirty 12 hour read-a-thon in my future.

    Happy Start to a Great Week of Celebrating you Ms Amanda ;)

  2. Happy Blogversary Celebration!

    I don’t bully anyone ever into reading a series….

    Well except for that one time I tried to convince the world that they should read My Life as a White Trash Zombie. How I think everyone should really read that book!

    Then there was that other time when I tried to convince the world that The Stand was the best book ever if you truly wanted to go all Dystopian. I mean it really is!

    Oh and there was this other time where I practically shoved The Discovery of Witches in front of everyone because it is just plain EPIC.

    See I am not a bully at all!

    • I should stay far away from you because although I own a book in each one of those series, I have yet to read any of them!

  3. You mean besides the Elder Races?
    I’ve already pushed the Darkness Rising books. Also, the Psy-Changeling books, and you’re a recent Kate Daniels devotee. So, hm, something I haven’t recommended to you that I frequently recommend…oh, Diana Wynne Jones–the Chrestomanci books. Hilarious, fawesome and terribly English.

  4. Rain Maiden Jen

    If I discover a good read, I will probably buy a copy for a fellow book lover. I guess thats my form of bullying….read the damn book I got you. Happy Blogoversary, I love stopping by on Tuesdays. *wink*

  5. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY AMANDA!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! And my love for the Elder Races runs deep. DEEP. I’m so ready for Graydon’s story, I hope we get him sometime soon! And I’m really excited we’re going back to Dragos and Pia!

  6. Woo! Happy blogoversary!! This is a perfect giveaway, too. Sharing the love of your favorite series never gets old. Thank you!

    • I forgot to answer the question because I GOT SO EXCITED. The series I always recommend is Outlander. I don’t even know why I love it as much as I do. Maybe because I got book bullied into reading it I feel obligated to share the love. :)

      • I have Outlander but I have yet to pick it up off my shelf because of the size of the book and because a lot of people say it takes a while to get into the story line. I shall have to give it a try soon though because several blogger friends of mine are trying to get me to start it. :)

  7. Happy One Year Blogoversary Amanda! :)
    I haven’t read this series yet, but it’s on my TBR pile for a while now. There’s just sooooo many books and so little time lately.
    I always recommend Rhiannon Fraters Vampire Bride Series and Tessa Dawns Blood Curse Series!! They are bloody brilliant I tell ya!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  8. Ooh, everyone who hasn’t read this series NEEDS to enter! I’ve devoured them all so I won’t be greedy but, seriously people–enter this giveaway! I’ve bullied a couple people into reading this series, too. Luuurrrvvveee!

    Happy blogoversary, Amanda! You’re awesome.

  9. I had never heard the term “book bullying” but it amuses me to no end! Consider me bullied =P I’ve added the Elder Races series to my TBR list, as I hadn’t even heard of it yet, and here’s hoping it will float to the top soon!

    Happy Blogiversary!

  10. I suppose it helps if I read the directions first too lol! I often recommend Divergent by Veronica Roth, but the one that probably tops my “book bullying” list (though I doubt I’ve been too successful with it) is the Faery Wars books by Herbie Brennan.

  11. Happy Blog Birthday, Chicadee!

    I’ve been recommending the hell out of The Immortal Rules lately! But I am totally with you on this series. I love Ruby for buying me book one and love YOU for continuing to spread it’s awesomeness. I still haven’t read Oracle’s Moon!

    (P.S. Please remove my entry. I have them all and didn’t realize it.)