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Some of you may recognize this feature from 25 Hour Books.  I was in the market for a feature to showcase the bloggers I simply can’t live without, Tara usually lets me do whatever I want if I pester her enough, and Who Am I Stalking? seemed appropriate. Win-win.  But please, no restraining orders are necessary.  I stalk with love, people.  It is a badge of honor.  Wear it with pride!

Once Upon A Time

I first made contact with Hannah when her browser was somehow signing her up multiple times for one of the Bout of Books read-a-thons. I wrote her to tell her she needed to sign up only once, she said she didn’t even know that she had, and THAT, my friends, is how true friendship is born. Since then, we have bonded over Twitter DM rants, discussions about being a book blogger, joint reviews, and other random conversations (giant green dildo, anyone?). She is also now pretty instrumental in Bout of Books planning as well. :)

1. Describe yourself in six words.

An utterly delightful human being, yep. (and I suck at six words)

2. What has been your most exciting moment as a book blogger?

It absolutely has to have been the first author interview I did. I had no idea what I was doing and I think the author in question was a little nervous as well but it turned out really well and I finally felt like a real book blogger in that moment. I was really geeking out!

3. In the past year, what is the best book that you have read?  The worst?

Oh in the past year hmm.. let’s see.. I’ll say Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. I could not find a single fault with that book, aside from the food stains on a few of the pages as it was a library copy, and I utterly fell in love with everything about it. The writing style, the characters, the atmosphere, everything. I still need to get back to that series! I have Stolen and Dime Store Magic waiting for me on my shelf.

As for the worst I’m not sure I want to say, but it was an indie book and I just didn’t feel as though it had had much time put into it. There was little to no description and it made it impossible to enjoy.

4. Why is reading important?

I’ve honestly never really thought that. I have no problem whatsoever with people who aren’t fond of reading so long as they don’t make me feel bad for being a big reader

As for the rest of us, not only does it expand the imagination and give us a fantastic escape from the trials of life, but it also does help a lot with vocabulary and grammar and learning about different cultures and all sorts, depending on what we read. Best of all, reading is relaxing. When you pick up a book it becomes just you and the words on the page and I wouldn’t swap that for the world.

5. What are some of your favorite reviews (or memes, features, discussions, etc) that you have written for Once Upon a Time?

That has to be Discovering Steampunk. I spent so long getting everything prepared for the two weeks and arranging guest posts from different friends and it all culminated in a fantastic 2 weeks. My readers loved it, I loved it, it was a great success in every way and I would love to do another very similar feature when I get the time to prepare for it! Perhaps when I’ve caught up on my to-do list and my associate reviewers are settled.

6. We have had quite a few conversations about being a book blogger, and what makes a good (or not so good) one. What do you think is absolutely essential to know or do as a book blogger?

I think that the main thing to bear in mind is that book blogging is a hobby. It is not a way to get free books and boost your ego with how many followers you have, it is an activity that we do because we love reading and want to share it with other likeminded people. Especially in the speculative fiction genres it can be very difficult to find people around us that share the same literary loves, and so we turn to book blogging and it should be fun! It is about sharing the books that we loved, or perhaps didn’t, with other people, making friends across the globe, and above all else enjoying ourselves. If something makes book blogging unenjoyable for you, or you find yourself becoming stressed, just take a step back and think about what needs to change.

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10 Responses to “Who Am I Stalking? [7] — Hannah @ Once Upon a Time”

  1. Oooo yes to Bitten! I loved that one too:) I only made it through book 2 in the series before I got distracted with other books, but I really want to go back and finish it:) And even though book blogging can get the best of me sometimes and I lose focus as to why I started initially, I always have fabulous blogging friends there to remind me of what makes it all worthwhile:)

  2. Hannah is a doll :)

    I haven’t read any of Kelley Armstrong’s adult books yet and I probably should get on that.

    Anyhoo, enjoyed the interview!

  3. Great stalk! I love steampunk–it’s so fascinating, no wonder that was a fave post. Oh, and Kelley Armstrong is definitely one of the most awesome UF writers out there. I’ve read everything of hers–kind of jealous that you’ve still got some of her stuff to read!